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Should I Be Worried About This "freckle"?

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Discussion

Should I Be Worried About This "freckle"?

Postby kestejoo » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:19 pm

For a while I've noticed I had a few freckles on my lips. The one on my bottom lip are lighter colored so it's not very noticeable, but the one on my top lip has been gradually getting bigger and it's darker than the ones on my bottom lip. I googled about lip freckles and found out that there's actually lip cancers. I forgot which one it was but one of the signs included persistently dry, chapped lips. My top lip (with the bigger and darker freckle) has been constantly dry recently. My bottom lip is mildly dry but not to the point where it's chapped and peeling.

Also, a strange thing is that sometimes if I peeled off the skin, there's a liquid that seeps out. It's not a lot and I think it's clear (because I've never dabbed at the liquid with a tissue, just my fingers). When the skin starts to heal, it's rough and scab-like.

I told my mom about how it's getting bigger, and she thought it was a "mole." I don't wanna ask to go to the doctor or even mention that there's a possibility of it being cancerous because then she'd go on and on about me not putting anything on my lips or face all these years. I'm not legal yet and she's got all of my medicaid cards. I kinda do wanna go get it checked out since my lips don't really seem to take a break from being dry and chapped. I've tried a decent amount of lip products, but they've never really fixed it. It'll be better for a while but it'll just go right back to being extremely chapped and dry. BUT, it's not dry to the point where I'm bleeding although if the corners of my mouth do happen to be really dry, they'd crack.

A bit long in detail so my point might have been lost along the way. In short, I'm worried about it being cancerous but at the same time I don't wanna mention going to the doctor for it (even though I probably should). If there's some way to know whether or not it's cancerous without going to the doctor, I'd be thankful/grateful!
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Should I Be Worried About This "freckle"?

Postby Gilbert » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:24 pm

Skin cancer symptoms are ABCDE:

A- Asymmetry:

Normal moles or freckles are completely symmetrical. If you were to draw a line through a normal spot, you would have two symmetrical halves. In cases of skin cancer, spots will not look the same on both sides.

B- Border:

A mole or spot with blurry and/or jagged edges.

C- Color:

A mole that is more than one hue is suspicious and needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Normal spots are usually one color. This can include lightening or darkening of the mole.

D- Diameter:

If it is larger than a pencil eraser (about 1/4 inch or 6mm), it needs to be examined by a doctor. This is includes areas that do not have any other abnormalities (color, border, asymmetry).

E- Elevation:

Elevation means the mole is raised above the surface and has an uneven surface.
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Should I Be Worried About This "freckle"?

Postby stephano65 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:28 pm

When a mole or freckle changes in any way, size, shape color, it should be looked at.
Dry lips can be on anyone and everyone has experienced this especially in Winter.
Peeling your lips is not a good idea.
The clear fluid is normal.
If you are trying to peel off that freckle you are going to harm your lips.
See a Doctor and get a proper diagnosis.
The concern I have is that it's changed and gotten bigger.
By the way, you can get cancer any where on or in your body.
Anywhere there are cells, cells divide and mutate causing cancer.
Just put your mind at ease and ask your Doctor, It may be nothing but why wonder and worry about.
Best of luck to you.
Let us know.
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