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Shin bruise that wont go away?

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Shin bruise that wont go away?

Postby nye » Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:03 am

a little over a month ago, i whacked my shin pretty hard on some iron gym equipment. for 3 weeks, it was painful to walk on that leg, and i had a huge egg shaped bruise. the bruise began to fade to a yellow-brown but stopped healing after that and i have this 'shadow' where the purple bruise was. i started freaking out and thinking it was leukemia since it seems to not be healing anymore so i asked my mom if she thought this meant i had leukemia and she told me if that were the case, i would have other symptoms and my other bruises wouldn't have healed, and they did. she thinks im freaking out over nothing and that i bruised my shin bone and it will take a while to heal. what do you think? is this leukemia or just a bone bruise taking its time?
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Shin bruise that wont go away?

Postby manolo » Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:13 am

You're fine, don't worry. When I was in 6th grade I was running through our basement and I slipped on a sleepingbag and fell onto some carpet and skinned my knee pretty bad. But then I continued running around and slipped on yet another sleeping bag, but this time I fell onto that painted concrete people have in their laundry rooms and slid into a door and hit my same knee on the door and the floor. I bruised my bone in my knee. There was a nasty scrape and the worst bruise I had ever seen in my life. It took almost two months for the bruise to go away, but I had some nerve damage. A portion of my knee that was About the size of a tea cup saucer was numb for a year, and its still not quite healed. But I walk fine and I didn't even have to go to the doctor. You'll be alright.
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