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Second Hand Smoking Help.?

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Second Hand Smoking Help.?

Postby Baldassario » Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:06 pm

As sad as it is to say my dad has been smoking for his whole life and cannot quit. I have tried so many things to try to help him but I think it's realistic that he will never stop. I am 16 and every time he smokes he brings a smell into the house and I'm worried that it is smoke and I can get cancer or something from it. The house as well as cars have begun to smell like smoke and I wonder how likely it is that I am going to develop something like cancer. I try my best to go into another room and avoid the smell but it really doesn't really help. Basically Im wondering if the smell is just a smell and is benign or is actually damaging my lungs. If it is damaging than what is the severity I think he smokes a pack a day and works from home.
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Second Hand Smoking Help.?

Postby Freddy » Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:07 pm

Tell your dad to smoke on the patio, porch, anywhere outside, or in the garage. Spray something to make it smell better. There is a new law saying your not allowed to smoke with children under a certain age in the car. Its also not safe when your distracted well driving and in case of a fire in the house. I suggest you advise him of this issue (if you haven't already). Go to the clinic is any signs of problems in your lungs appear.

Small details: I have a grandpa who lives with me and smokes. He smokes in the garage next to the door so smoke comes in from himself and from opening the door. Also in his car it smells and when you leave out the door or just simply go near the door. I usually just cover my nose with my shirt and try not to breathe it in. He won't stop smoking and hes been living her for a few years now. I do have a problem with my lungs although I do not know where it started. I do play sports, second hand smoke, have a history from dad and brother, and it started when I was sick. I got a lung infection and it was bad. It was my first and I got medicine along with my very first puffer (blue). It went a away and eventually I got it again worse this time with a orange puffer and possibly having a visit to the hospital. I have problems when I am active and mostly when I run. My lungs literally burn and I have trouble breathing. I start coughing and the cough gets worse and each cough burns my lungs. Now when ever I get a cough it gets worse up to the burning. Recent experience: I was at a baseball practice and we were doing a bunch of running and stuff. At the end I was having trouble breathing. My ears suddenly got clogged and I nearly fainted, and started seeing things. I sat down and drank some water and the fainting part went away. I've blacked out before. I now have a blue and orange puffer just in case of that. Sometimes when I sneeze or cough it sends a burn through my lungs. I told the clinic about this problem and went for some tests and x-rays. I do not have asma (however you spell that) but I still have a problem along the lines of that. Before I went for the test they told me to take the orange puffer every day for 2 weeks (which I think helped). Then i went for x-rays. Now it doesn't occur as often, thank god! That's my story sorry my answer is so long. Hope I helped! And by the way i suspect it was from second hand smoking but it may be out of the blue from sickness, family history, or something else.
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Second Hand Smoking Help.?

Postby Gilmar » Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:08 pm

Insist that he buy you an air purifier and keep it in your room.
Can you enlist your mother's help in this?? If she's living there, she should be your champion and advocate.
His smoking should be confined strictly to outdoors.
He can improve his physical and oral hygiene to help some with the odor but the smell is in his hair, his mouth and on his clothing and skin.

Has he really tried all that he can? What about Chantix, hypnosis and group support?

"Basically Im wondering if the smell is just a smell and is benign or is actually damaging my lungs. If it is damaging than what is the severity" -- If he smokes only outdoors, then you're not breathing in second-hand smoke unless you're standing next to him.
And I'm presume that you're not doing that.
But there's a phenomenon called third-hand smoke.
This is residual nicotine and other chemicals left on his hair, skin and clothing.
It's not completely clear to me if he smokes indoors or outdoors so what I just wrote is based on outdoor smoking.
You and others can pick up, can inhale or even ingest the particles left behind on him.
And if he sits on furniture, especially fabric furniture, the residue can be left behind.
Thirdhand smoke can't be eliminated by airing out rooms, opening windows, using fans or air conditioners, or confining smoking to only certain areas of a home.
But I'm not in a position to assess the risk to you because you haven't given enough of the right information.
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Second Hand Smoking Help.?

Postby Fehin » Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:22 pm

What your dad is bringing into the house or into the car is considered by experts as "third hand smoke" and yes, it is dangerous.
The toxins cling to body hair, hair on the head, clothes, etc and they bring it in with them.
The only way to avoid it is for them to quit or bathe and change clothes every time they smoke...not going to happen though.
Ask your dad to put it an air purifier or smoke outside. If not, it is time to tell someone in authority that he is making you and the rest of the family sick.
Good luck and I hope he quits...I did.
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Second Hand Smoking Help.?

Postby caspar » Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:35 pm

Try to get away from it the best you can!!! I don't think it will damage your lungs if you don't breathe it a lot!!!!:)
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