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Scottsboro boys questionair need help plz?

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Scottsboro boys questionair need help plz?

Postby seton » Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:24 pm

i am currently dealing with a difficult problem, my labtop screen just broke! im currently asking this question on my phone. i need the answers to
1. Who were the Scottsboro Boys? How did they get into so much trouble?

2. Where and when did the Scottsboro Boys' original trial take place? How do you think this affected the outcome of their trial?

3. What does the NAACP acronym stand for? Why did the NAACP decide not to help the Scottsboro Boys?

4. The Communist Party came to the aid of the Scottsboro Boys. How did the South perceive the Communist Party, and how was it similar to the perception of blacks? What was the Communist Party's hidden agenda in providing aid to the Scottsboro Boys?

5. The Scottsboro Boy were not provided with adequate defense lawyers. Please list at least 3 ways in which the defense lawyers were inadequate.

6. Describe the trials. Were they fair or unfair? Please include at least 3 supporting facts to back up your description.

7. Were the Scottsboro Boys ever pardoned of their convictions?

8. The Scottosboro Boys' trial took place during the childhood of To Kill A Mockingbird's author, Harper Lee.. Make a prediction about how this trial might be an important impetus for the book.

plz note that i am asking for this information only because i no longer have a working computer, my first instict to get the answers was to look it up on my phone. Then knowing my luck my phone wont pull up any of the links on google! lucky for me i manage to get on this website "thank God" as a last resort

in adition this is homework for me but we were supposed to do this on the computer but that didnt work (-_-)7

i will STUDY what i am given and pray that the answers are right i will not simply just turn in someone elses work without learning something

I am truly sory for asking for help!
Quinn H********
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