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Scared And Need Advice!

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Scared And Need Advice!

Postby Ear » Fri May 09, 2014 9:27 am

I am a 24 (soon to be 25) year old woman. I got a Mirena IUD in August of 2011, and had a PAP done at the same time.
My PAP came back abnormal and I had a Colposcopy done in my OBGYN office.
The results came back abnormal again, and I had a LEEP done in November of 2011. The results of the LEEP were Severe Dysplasia (CIN III).
I was told to come back to have another Colposcopy/PAP done in February. I went back on the 20th, and was called this Friday and told my results still showing Severe Dysplasia.
They told me they wanted to schedule an appointment for me at a Gynecological Oncologist. Has anyone been through a similar experience?
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Scared And Need Advice!

Postby Burgeis » Sun May 11, 2014 2:42 pm

Hello. I am so sorry that you are facing these challenges and you are doing the right thing having it investigated.

Make sure you write down your symptoms and any questions you have when you go for the appointment so that you won't forget to ask something important.

I am afraid that I can't be of much help except to say that I had CIN111 back in the late 80's, my cervix was lazered and and I had no problems after that.

Things have changed a lot since then and I wish you all the best for when you see your Gyno Onc. Back then I was only told that CIN 111 was precancerous.
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Scared And Need Advice!

Postby Wallace » Wed May 14, 2014 5:56 pm

Hello, im in the process of recovering from having Severe CIN3.
Its a bit of a long story but will try to keep it short. I had a smear test last May, it came back abnormal have another in 6 months, so I did in November last year.
This came back mild.
I went to see the consultant to have some biopsy's taken.
Well if you have never had one of these taken before, its a nerve wracking experience (well, was for me anyway).
You sit in a chair with legs in the leg holders and your bottom as forward as you can.
You are then lifted to eye height of the doctor.
a speculum ? is then placed inside you (like a smear test) and the doctor then paints your insides with a dye which shows up the good cells.
He then uses a stick like thing to take the biopsy, you have to cough at the same time he takes them.
Well i was on the ceiling and in tears as by this time i was beginning to feel pain and uncomfortable but after a few days at home, i felt better.
The results came back within 2.5 weeks instead of four and as soon as i saw the brown envelope I knew what it was.
They asked me to come back to see the top consultant for laser treatment on severe abnormal cells.
So I went back nearly two weeks ago and saw her.
She is a lovely doctor, explains everything really well so you know what is happening.
She said Ive looked through your file and seen a diagram, so before I do anything I would like to have another look inside you, but will warn you, you may have to have a general as the cells have spread!!! Well i nearly fell off the chair.
So she had a look inside me and yes the cells have spread from the cervix to the vaginal walls.
I was booked in two days later to have a general and get it all sorted out.
This time it was to be the laser and loop treatment.
We went back to hospital and the good part about it was that I didnt know anything about it and woke up in recovery.
At the end of last week though I picked up an infection and had to be admitted to A & E with severe bleeding and pains on the right side of my abdomen.
I am now on strong antibiotics to try and sort it out.
The bleeding is slowing down but if it doesnt fully stop then i will have to go back in, have another anaesthetic and have my insides "closed" to stop the bleeding.
I feel like ive been dragged through a hedge, i feel low but sure this will pick up once the infection is under control and on the way out.
It just shows how important it is to have regular smears.
I still think they should be done every year as if i wasnt due for when when i was, god knows what could have happened !!
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Scared And Need Advice!

Postby Brittain » Fri May 16, 2014 8:44 pm

Sounds like you are getting good advice from your Gynecologist.
The referral to the Gynecological Oncologist was a very good move.
A specialist like that should be able to go over the natural history of the disease as well as the treatment options.
CIN III should be curable if you don't drop the ball.
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