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Scapular Fracture

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Scapular Fracture

Postby Luis » Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:19 pm

My 14 year old son actually got a scapular fracture(body of scapula from lateral border horizontally about half-way, non-displaced). He was playing lacrosse and had just released the ball so his arm was straight out in front of his body when he was(illegally) checked by a player using the pole with his hands apart. The odd thing besides the fracture is that there has been no bruise. He is now 5 days post-injury. He has been in a sling since the injury, x-ray recheck scheduled at 2 weeks post- injury. I have been a PT in orthopedics for 30 years and have NEVER seen a scapular fx that was not from a pedestrian/car accident! QUESTIONS: How soon should I start PROM, AROM? Is there some underlying pathology that I should worry about? Would bone cancer show up on an x-ray? Thank you!
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Scapular Fracture

Postby Duriel » Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:30 pm

I've only seen a few and they have been from MVA's as well.

First of all I'd forget about the bone cancer idea.  Unless it runs in your family or something in particular showed up on the x-ray I think that's an unnecessary worry/issue.

Second, as you know from being a PT kids heal quickly and they get range of motion and strength back extremely fast.  With that said, I wouldn't want to do anything that would risk displacing that bone and making things worse.  So, with your MD's consent I might start some pendelum exercises just to keep the glenohumeral joint loose and the capsule from getting tight.  That shouldn't put too much stress on the scapula and would help quite a bit.  

I think AROM would be ok at 2 weeks assuming the x-ray still looks good but just go slow.  I hope this helps!
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