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Refuse Biopsy, Due To Having Severe Phobia (must Be "knocked Out")?

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Refuse Biopsy, Due To Having Severe Phobia (must Be "knocked Out")?

Postby Chasen » Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:30 pm

I'm a 22 year old mother of two and I have a couple of firm thyroid nodules. I'm scared that they are cancerous. They were found at the age of 16. I've had many ultrasounds done, but no biopsies. I have a severe phobia and the ONLY 100 percent way they'll be able to find out if they are cancerous is via surgery. I'm taking the watch and wait method. Anyway, here's some more information:

- 9mm solid hypoechogenic (sp?) mass.

- 2.5cm somewhat complex cystic mass.

- Both on the right lobe.

- Also, have a permanently enlarged mastoid bone mass the size of a thumb print.

- All if the above have been stable for over 5 years.

- Grandma had benign thyroid nodule.

- I've had all if the thyroid blood tests, which were normal.

- I do had a cough, but not very bad.

- Been bruising a bit and body aches.

I have a lot of things stating that it is possible cancer, but none of my ENTs are that concerned ( I've seen three.) I'm calling tomorrow for another ultrasound.
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Refuse Biopsy, Due To Having Severe Phobia (must Be "knocked Out")?

Postby Darick » Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:31 pm

Ultrasounds what give you the answer you want. All they will do is continue to tell you sizes which isn't very helpful since both malignant and benign tumors can grow. Get the biopsy. It's honestly not a difficult procedure and is not nearly as scary or painful as you may think. Its almost always outpatient so you get to leave that day and go home to your kiddos! It's the only way to get a definite answer and down the road whether they're cancerous or not they could affect your health long term!
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