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Recurrent Cervical Cancer?

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Recurrent Cervical Cancer?

Postby Noe » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:48 am

Hi in 2011 i was diagnosed with cervical cancer! I had a partial hystormyvleaving my ovaries and tubes...... no treatments because the cancer hadnt spread out of the cervix. Last week i went to the doctor with lower right side pelvic pain a ct scan with contrast dye was ordered for suppected appendix trouble! They came back normal except a massive cyst on the right ovary!!! The doctor reffered me someone else and tolf me that because of my hystory that i would need biopsies done!!! So my question is can cervical cancer come back in the lymphnodes and ovaries???? Im really freaked out but so confused! And if it can what are tche treatment options
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Recurrent Cervical Cancer?

Postby Gentza » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:49 am

Are you sexually active?? If so stop having alot of sex. Guys jacking way up in you can mess up your insides. Sorry :/ I knew a girl who had it from having to much sex, and she ended up in a wheelchair. She ok now... Then a girl told me her mom died from it having to much sex. That's what I tend to do. Don't have sex. I'm sorry that's just me and I'm proud. Not saying I never did, but having to much can really kill you! Be safe.
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Recurrent Cervical Cancer?

Postby Renaldo » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:02 am

Hi Jennifer,

Please seek another medical opinion as you are only young.

Don't know much about cervical cancer.

I have only recently (this week) been diagnosed with early breast cancer and I know that when I have surgery I will definitely have to have radiation treatment and if they find anything in the lymph nodes as the cancer would have spread from the breast into the rest of the body I will need chemo.

When I read you had no treatments...I find that difficult to swallow.

Please seek another opinion or better still get in touch with doctors at you Cancer Clinic.

One thing to ask them..if you want children at a later date is to find out if they can take some of your 'eggs' and freeze them, as I believe chances are cancer treatments can prevent you from having eggs..

Have you got a mum or close relative you can talk too ?

Trust your body and follow your gut instrinct and demand further tests from your doctors....we are never too young to get this dreaded disease called Cancer.

All the best
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