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Recurrance rate for stage 2B cervical adenosquamous carcinoma?

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Recurrance rate for stage 2B cervical adenosquamous carcinoma?

Postby manville60 » Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:24 am

In June, I was diagnosed with stage 2B cervical adenosquamous carcinoma, poorly differentiated. I had a PET Scan which showed 1 positive node but several nodes that were very suspicious, probable that they were also cancerous. Those were located from my pelvis and extending to iliac and para-aortic nodes. I had a tiny amount of parametrial involvement, no other tissues affected, but the cancer had deeply invaded throughout cervix and endocervical canal.

I underwent 7 weeks of chemosensitization with Cisplatin (every Monday, once a week), 6 weeks of external radiation (5 days a week) and 2 weeks of HDR Brachytherapy (internal radiation) with Smit sleeve implantation.

Its been 10 weeks since my treatment has ended, and I just had my first PET scan at 8 weeks to follow up. I now have no positive nodes, and one tiny spot still lighting up on the lower portion of the cervix but after further examination my doctor didn't see anything suspicious and thinks it's probably false alarm. I am awaiting another follow up PET scan in March, which will see if the radiation (which keeps working after treatment) may have taken care of that tiny area still showing activity.

My question is, after all I've been thru, what are the chances that I will be cured? What are the recurrance rates (by years also)?

Unfortunately I am extra worried because I am no longer eligible for a reasonably priced health insurance. BCBS is the only one who will insure me, and they want more $ than I make in a month just to insure me. I am worried I will not be able to get the follow up surveillance like my doctor wants to do. I just want to know what my chances are that I am really cured, for good?

I'm 27 years old, I am otherwise healthy despite losing 30 pounds from this illness. I can finally walk again and finally have a little energy. Please help.
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Recurrance rate for stage 2B cervical adenosquamous carcinoma?

Postby danforth88 » Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:28 am

I’m sorry to say it is probably really that aggressive. The differention of the cells determines how aggressive it is and poorly differentiated is quite aggressive. You also have an unusual type of cancer as most (80%) are squamous cell, with the next most common being adenocarcinoma and your cancer is a combination of the two. Did you have HPV? Was it strain 18? These are more likely to behave this way. Only a small percentage progress this quickly. You received the best known treatment which reduces the risk of recurrence by 30-50% and increases the 3 year survival rate by 10-15%. Your actual risk of recurrence I’m not sure of my best guess is under 30%. Best wishes I hope you do well.
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