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Quick Steroids Question?

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Quick Steroids Question?

Postby jummal72 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:36 am

I'm planning to take just 1 cycle of deca (mass gainer) to gain mass more quickly and efficiently, after that first one if i get big enough i'll take another one for lean muscles, and after that i'll stop.

i think my biggest fear (besides the cancer/prostate is the whole acne/baldness thing.. i heard it can happen.
but i highly doubt it could happen with just 2 cycles.

can any side effects happen with just 2 cycles? will i lose muscle if i stop taking it? (but keep working out)

and no, i won't get addicted to it. i can control myself :)!

ps. i've been working out for about a year now. I only take protein shakes.
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Quick Steroids Question?

Postby Arlen » Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:38 am

The side effects are not gonna be there because of 2 or 5 cycle or more. It will happen if you're uneducated on the subject and don't know what you're doing. The side effect of steroids have been overrated by the media. Baldness will happen only if it run in your family genes and if you abuse them. No cancer with steroids, especially with Deca! Maybe acne..

I will strongly suggest that you don't use just Deca alone. Deca is great, but use alone it might have some reaction on your libido. Always run some Testosterone with Deca. Actually, I personally take some Testosterone with any type of cycle I'm doing, because Testosterone is the base of it.

Depending on the dosage, you might need an anti estrogen during your cycle. You sure need a good PCT at the end! To restore your natural testosterone and to keep 90% of your gain.

Addiction? Steroids are not those type of drugs. But the only addiction come not from the drug, but from the good feeling and the results you get.

Buddy it sound like you don't know much about steroids. I understand you decide to use them, but knowledge is a must! Try to do some research and educate yourself. Steroids can be use safely. Period, that's a fact. But education is a must.
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Quick Steroids Question?

Postby Austin » Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:53 am

Yeah, watch that prepare about the guy whose fingers exploded and then make a call in case you choose to take steroids or no longer. it fairly is one hell of a value to pay for instantaneous gratification, with a life-time thereafter of well being complications once you've stopped taking them and through besides.
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Quick Steroids Question?

Postby Niallan » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:08 am

Stop being such as pussy and man up.
Put the work in at the gym and stop trying to cheat your way to a better body.
You can spot roid heads a mile off and you will lose all respect as well as looking ridiculous.
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