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Question about Thyroid levels and nodules?

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Question about Thyroid levels and nodules?

Postby remi » Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:30 pm

Last year I had blood work done (for reasons other than thyroid) and I was told that my thyroid levels were on the low side but nothing to worry about. In the meantime, I have started to gain unexplained weight and I'm constantly tired. My doctor did checked my thyroid levels again and they were normal but an ultrasound showed that I have 2 small nodules on my left thyroid. Now I am scheduled to have some sort of radioactive scan done. If I have something going on with my thyroid, wouldn't my levels be low/high? I understand that I need to have the scan done to make sure it's not cancer but could this have anything to do with the weight gain and fatigue or am I back to square one with that issue???
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Question about Thyroid levels and nodules?

Postby garmund » Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:32 pm

If your TSH is low .4 or less, that would mean you are hyperthyroid; that wouldn't cause weight gain and fatigue. If your TSH was around 4 or more (depending on the lab) that would signal hypothyroidism, and it would cause the symptoms you described. I had normal TSH levels when I had a thyroid nodule checked out, and it turned out to be cancer, so it's always good to double check it. Low or high TSH doesn't always indicate a thyroid disease (for some it does) usually, doctors have to look at the overall picture.
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