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Queries About Medicare And Chemo

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Queries About Medicare And Chemo

Postby putnam » Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:44 pm

I will be acquiring medicare in about six months and am confused about plans that are excellent for our oral chemo meds. I spoke to a financial counselor at my oncology workplace these days who advised classic medicare with a supplement from aarp. I looked on the net at that selection and my charge for month-to-month votrient, which I am now on, is nore than $3000. I reside in Florida precisely where there are lots of plans to chose from, which is wonderful, but I am questioning if individuals are truly anticipated to commit that considerably a month for scripts. I am on disability due to my stage four diagnoisis so my income is restricted. Proper now I am on cobra by means of my former employer and pay $500 month for my premium and then $75/mo for the votrient. I am hoping a particular person out there who has looked into this can possibly steer me in the proper path or give me some pointers for navigating all this info, as it is rather frightening. Thanking you in advance.
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Questions About Medicare And Chemo

Postby ulrich52 » Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:23 pm

Isn't there a program through the drug companies as well? 
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Questions About Medicare And Chemo

Postby adamko » Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:48 am

My partner was on Sutent final July when he went onto Medicare.  Just just before that folks had a co-pay of $100 monthly for your Sutent.  Along with the Therapy we places a complement policy and, obviously, a medication policy.  The extremely very first 8 weeks of Sutent had been about $2500 every single.  However he struck the "disastrous phase" and following co pay could be $625 per month.  Unfortunately/fortunately the Sutent quit functioning and he was changed to Torisel...a normal infusion.   considering that itis an infusion... This really is fully coated. These days the Torisel seems to be inadequate and we possibly may nicely be facing another widespread medicine utilizing the enormous co spend.
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Questions About Medicare And Chemo

Postby Mano » Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:28 am

On Feb 20, 2013 three:40 AM jane99 wrote: Hello,
I'll be obtaining medicare in about 6 months and am confused about suggestions which are advantageous to our dental chemo medications. I talked to a financial consultant at my oncology organization nowadays who suggested traditional medicare using a complement from aarp. I searched online at that my cost and decision for normal votrient, which I'm at present on, is nore than $3000. I reside in Florida exactly where there are a lot of ideas to chose from, which can be fantastic, but I am questioning if folks are actually most likely to commit that much per month for programs. I am on disability simply because of my phase 4 diagnoisis so my income is restricted. At this time I am on cobra through my former business and commit $500 month for my high quality and then $75/mo for the votrient. I am hoping somebody accessible that has investigated this might possibly push me in the very best path or give me some guidelines for moving all this information, due to the fact it is very scary. Thanking you ahead of time.

An identical situation was basically presented today.flordia is genuinely a recommend that consists of an boost of health-related flood, I realize once we reside here.  you will uncover applications to just aid with expenses of med. With chemo dental or otherwise.one particular recommendation would be to check out person resouces.believe me.one person and take into account various clinic resouces may possibly tell u anything and then low and behold u find out there's a much greater way.unf. A few of the folks are just adhering to a widespread procedure of path to people...i was told I'd to spend 5k.or we're able to not be noticed.i requested to speak to supervisorl at mayo.well.she delivered us a "difficulty software"  the person who 1st advised us had no thought what this was and insisted this was the fee due and the cost of med.nicely i preserve asking until i discovered an individual who knew the clear answer i required....it is the proper to speak to someone who gives u the appropriate answer.also lots of individuals just go for granted they need definitely to spend What the so-referred to as financial therapist informs them.this isn't true.there is undoubtedly cost programs, or create offs.and we've each supp and medicare. Best of luck...I'm sadly this is just a complete-time job.but it can be achieved... insurance...and hopefully u can uncover any person to help you to manage this... Quite final thing you want to be concerned about is cash...hopes to you.
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Questions About Medicare And Chemo

Postby Mike » Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:59 pm

Thanks for all the answers. I am going to ask about the
drug company program at my next dr appt. Hopefully that will be an option.
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