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Psychology Help Please Need Answers By 1:50?

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Psychology Help Please Need Answers By 1:50?

Postby Tobie » Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:02 am

1. What do we mean by the term scientific study and what makes a study scientific?

What was the hypothesis for the study?

Is this a scientific study according to the text book definition?

What method of data collection the study employed?

Was there adequate sampling?

Population representation of the target group

Appropriate amount of time utilized in the observation

Observation was staged at different times in order to get proper reading

Percentage of target group was sufficient for a statistical report of +- 3%

Did it look as though the researchers would benefit in some way if the outcome showed certain evidence?

Was there any bias in the study? If so what form was the bias, if so show why.

Were the researcher(s) able to extrapolate credible data from the study?

Would the client have sufficient and credible data on which to make a decision?

What were the independent and dependant variables?

Was there a control group and an experimental group?

i need these questions answered for these cases please help...

Case 2

The Amalgamated Medical and Pharmaceutical Corporation developed a new product they call Tween-Time. Tween-Time is a new type of inhaler they believe will reduce the number of asthmatic events in a patient when used in conjunction with their already popular Asthma Stopper 250 mg capsule. AMPC has a very modern testing facility on the premises but instead of conducting clinical trials in their lab, they recruited 200 doctors who currently prescribe Asthma Stopper to assist with the clinical trials. They asked them to give 30 of their patients, currently on Asthma Stopper, a 30-day free sample of Tween-Time and keep a record of the number and severity of asthmatic instances they experience over a 30-day period while continuing with the therapeutic use of Asthma Stopper. The patients were to fill out a report form that consisted of check marks in blocks on the form. The blocks included dates, times of the day and severity of the Asthma attack and the results on a 1-10 scale to show how Tween-Time reduced or eliminated the symptoms. They were to report to the doctor after the 30-day period with their clinical trial forms. The doctor was to send those forms to the company for analysis. For those doctors who did not have 30 patients on Asthma Stopper, they would provide Asthma Stopper free of charge to the doctors to give to their patients with Asthma along with the free Tween-Time samples. For their help in the clinical trials, patients were to receive a year?s supply of Asthma Stopper and the Physicians were paid $1,000 for each report they turned in. The results were conclusive; Tween-Time did reduce the severity of asthma attacks between therapeutic doses of Asthma Stopper.

Case 3

The National Association for Elimination of Violence on TV said in a 2009 report that juvenile crime has climbed substantially in the past ten years due to the growing level of violence on TV. The group showed the Columbine High School Massacre was the result of influence associated with two television shows that aired a similar event in detail. The NAEV?s study was conducted over a 5 year period and followed two groups of 100 students in 3 major high schools in Newark New Jersey, East Louis Illinois and Los Angeles California and another 100 students in the same locations who were home schooled and had limited television viewing in the home. They monitored the student?s television show selections, noted the number of violent acts in each one and tracked the student?s run-ins with police officers, school administration officials and local community leaders. The results of the study showed the students with little or no restrictions on the amount and severity of violent acts on TV were 79% more likely to commit a violent crime, or perpetrate violent acts against others than the students who watched very little violent shows on TV.

Case 4

Voter exit interviews were conducted outside 6 of the 10 precincts to predict the winner of the Mayoral race in a certain city. The question asked was; ?For whom did you vote?? The answers were tabulated. The moment the polls closed the researchers sold their predictions to the news outlets.
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Psychology Help Please Need Answers By 1:50?

Postby Fagen » Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:10 am

Mandy lets be real nobody was going to answer this question it is too long and time consuming. but i hope that you finished this assignment on time.

oh and I'm so glad i didn't take psych.
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