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Pls Help! Lsil, Hpv Cervical ? (10 Points)?

Cervical Cancer research and treatment discussions

Pls Help! Lsil, Hpv Cervical ? (10 Points)?

Postby Ebenezer » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:16 am

My mom has been diagonised for having an LSIL in her cerix, Low Squamous Intraempithelial Lesion.

The dr. said she`s not sure what is the cause but probably hpv cervical virus.

The dr. recomended to have a surgery when she will cut off the effected area..

I read about it & I think it is a cancer.. it is just a manipulation of words! at least it will lead to cancer soon or later, am I right? pls be honest..

Plus, if she had this surgery will she be compeletly cured? do u know anyone who had this surgery from a long time ago?

And, is there any chance for it to appear again, progress into high intraepithelium Lesion?

P.S: mom has some problem with her heart, is it ok if she did this surgery?

PLS help me I`m desperate.. I`d appreciate any help or advice

Thnx in advance
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Pls Help! Lsil, Hpv Cervical ? (10 Points)?

Postby grantham » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:21 am

If it was cancer the doctor would have said so.

Everyone is cleared for surgery before they have it.

It may never lead to cancer and it could come back.
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