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Please Ovarian Cancer Question....?

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Please Ovarian Cancer Question....?

Postby garritt » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:37 am

She has all the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer but they won't know more until Monday. I know nobody can tell me WHAT stage it is for sure but just wondering what you can go by for what I tell you......What does it sound like to you?

She's 59 years old. She has been sick since April, having a hard time breathing. Thought it was due to smoking, wasn't. Lungs were filled with fluid and stomach is swollen as if she was 7 months pregnant. Her stomach has been swollen for years though but no other pain or anything. Her back hurts lower back, she's VERY wea can't do anything so we know she is sick and we pretty much know it's O.C. but can anybody give me some insight to what to expect on Monday?

Thank you all so very much God bless!
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Please Ovarian Cancer Question....?

Postby Fredrick » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:38 am

It sounds like the fluid in her lungs are pleural effusions, an effect of the cancer. And her abdomen is swollen due to ascites, another effect of cancer. If it's in her lungs, then it's likely a stage 4 tumor. that's the highest stage, meaning it's spread far from its original site (the ovaries). That's not good news. But even women with stage 4 cancer can respond to treatment and recover health. Listen, this information is vital: she needs to be treated by a gynecologic oncologist. NOT A GYNECOLOGIST. NOT AN ONCOLOGIST. NOT A GENERAL SURGEON. But by a gynecologic oncologist. You wouldn't go to your gardener to get a haircut. So don't send your mother to be treated by someone who is not an expert in the exact disease she has! PATIENTS WHO ARE TREATED BY GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGISTS HAVE THE BEST SURVIVAL RATE!

Also, go to here to get information and support: http://listserv.acor.org/SCRIPTS/WA-ACOR...

And read this article to help you to understand what survival statistics mean: http://cancerguide.org/median_not_msg.ht...

Good luck! It's all very very upsetting and scary now, but starting Monday, you can swing into action to get your mom the best treatment out there!
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Please Ovarian Cancer Question....?

Postby watt » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:51 am

This sounds very similar to what my dad went through starting in June of 2009.

My dad was only 47 in 2009 when he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Parts of his body started swelling (stomach, feet, lower legs)

Then at the end of June he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in Stage 3. He only made it to 1 chemo treatment...his body was just too weak for the treatment. Cause his heart was already weak from the Congestive Heart Failure. He also had fluid in his lungs..(pneumonia) He stayed in the hospital about 8 days on life support before i realized that God was calling him home. So i had to let him go. That was the hardest choice i've ever had to make.

Hopefully everything will be alright with your loved one. I wish her the best of luck.
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