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Please help, I have a bump, probably not an std?

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Please help, I have a bump, probably not an std?

Postby cwrig » Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:13 am

I'm an eighteen year old male and I discovered in the shower today that there is a bump on my anus. There is only one and it is relatively small I think (I cannot really see it). I highly doubt that it is an std because I have not been sexually active for about a year, only had two sex partners, both were virgins and I never had a history of stds. I am also heterosexual. It could be a bug bite, as I have been sitting in the grass a lot lately. The thought crossed my mind that it might be colon cancer, but I highly doubt that. It may just be a wart--and as much as it pains me to share this information, it is summer time and I have been lazy; not been changing my underwear everyday necessarily. So cleanliness may be a question. Uh...basically any information on what this is or how to remedy it would be greatly appreciated--thank you.
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Please help, I have a bump, probably not an std?

Postby atzel » Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:14 am

Could ba a hemorrhoid, pimple, boil, ingrown hair, wart, cyst, or all most anything. Is it painful? If so probably something like an in grown hair pimple or boil. If not probably something like a wart. Get a mirror and check it out. This should help you keep from stressing too much. Cancers in that area usually does not present as a bump on the skin. Next time you're at the doctors ask him about it. If it hurts you might want to go see him sooner and get it dealt with. Good luck and I don't think you need to worry much.
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Please help, I have a bump, probably not an std?

Postby caerllion » Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:21 am

I would say that sounds like an ingrown hair maybe. They go away on their own eventually, most of the time if you leave them alone.

It could also be an allergy to the grass (but since it's only one bump i would say that's not it)

Or, in an extreme case, a boil

I would say, unless it is really bothering you or something, wait for like 2-3 weeks, and if it's still there (or changes color, grows really fast, or does anything painful or weird) make an appointment with your doctor so he/she can check it out.

EDIT: It's not really painful but not itchy? It's an ingrown hair. 99% sure. If you've been shaving down there, use lotion right after you do it next time. That will keep them from coming.
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