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Postby raynor » Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:33 am

14. While mRNA strands are being created, a sequence is sometimes miscopied. What is the worst that could happen to a cell should this take place?

The cell will die once it tries to use that strand of mRNA.
The cell will have to destroy any ribosomes that use the mRNA strand.
The cell will not make functional proteins from that mRNA strand.
The cell will pass the mRNA mutation on to all the cells made from it.

15. Which genetic mutation would cause the most dramatic change in the genetic make-up of an individual?

a base-pair substitution mutation where one base pair becomes another, but codes for the same amino acid
a gene mutation that inserts one extra base pair into the genetic sequence
a mutation that deletes three consecutive base pairs from the genetic material
a single point mutation that changes the codon for a different amino acid

16. A person with the genetic disorder Klinefelter's syndrome has an extra X-chromosome. Affected individuals have the genotype XXY. What can you infer is most likely the genetic mutation that results in Klinefelter's syndrome?

complete duplication of chromosomes during polyploidy
crossing over during meiosis
nondisjunction during meiosis
translocation during genetic replication

17. The fundamental explanation for the cause of cancer is that
a recessive genetic disorder is expressed in both alleles.

cells no longer replicate and become nonfunctioning.
cell replication becomes uncontrolled.
viral or bacterial antigens infect a body that cannot destroy them.

18. Which genetic mutation will result in a change in phenotype expression?

a mutation in a body cell that is dominant for the trait
a mutation in a body cell that is heterozygous for the trait
a mutation in a body cell that is homozygous for the trait
a mutation occurring in any muscle or skin cell
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