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Pills That Help Level Out Hormones?

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Pills That Help Level Out Hormones?

Postby Brook » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:24 am

No! You cannot use synthetic hormones to balance natural hormones.
Birth control pills can slap a band-aid on your symptoms (while creating other problems), but absolutely will not correct an underlying imbalance.

Everyone is exposed to too much estrogen these days.
It's in non-organic meats and dairy (used to thrust livestock into reproduction early), it's in everything with soy (which is what they give to women with low estrogen), it's in tap water at alarming rates (read up on feminized male fish) and so, so many other things.

The best things you can do to make sure your hormones are naturally balanced follow:

Eat organic (when it's from an animal especially)

Drink spring water or Smart Water

Cut way back on sugar, bread, pasta, sweet drinks (sugar wreaks havoc on nearly all hormones)

If you're overweight or don't get a lot of exercise, fix those things...estrogen is stored in fat and the more excess fat, the more unbalanced you'll be.
Exercise is a miracle worker for hormones, so try to fit in some every day--even if it's just taking stairs, walking a lot.

Ask your doctor to check your thyroid...a sluggish (low) thyroid will completely mess up your hormones.

I know a lot of women are quick to get on birth control pills when they have hormonal problems, but it comes with a heavy price.
A rise in infertility, rises in reproductive and breast cancers, low sex drive, etc...

Good luck to you!
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Pills That Help Level Out Hormones?

Postby Bradleigh » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:33 am

Yes birth control helps level out hormones. My hormone levels used to be all over the place before I started birth control. For the first few months on the pill though I would get mood swings, but that's expected because my body was still getting used to the pills. It eventually leveled out and I'm glad I'm on the pill.
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