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Postby brus » Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:35 pm

kindly help me to explain/ answer any of the ff:

2. suggest an explanation why non-radioactive substances when placed near a radium compund.

3. One medical use of radioactivity is the treatment of cancer.
a. explain briefly how radioactivity can cure some types of cancer.
b. explain why beta radiation can be used in treating cancer but not cancers ibside the body.

4. Radiation can affect the cells of seeds so they grow into mutants
b. describe an experiment which can be used to investigate the effect of how the dose can be varied and how you can set up controls in the experiment.
c.explain why experiments to produce new breeds of plants may help the country.

Please,please,please im begging for your help. . .
Thanks in advance:)
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Postby johan » Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:49 pm

2. I assume you missed a bit that says 'become radioactive' in there somewhere. When radium undergoes some of its nuclear decays it emits neutrons. These can collide with the nuclei of other non-radioactive atoms and change them into radioactive isotopes of the same element, making the non-radioactive material become radioactive.

3. Radiation kills cells, and very carefully targeted radiation can be used to kill cancer cells. Beta radiation will pass through the body but will do damage to the DNA of other cells on the way - perhaps causing new cancers while trying to heal an existing cancer.

4. For the experiment, you would want multiple plants - 10 to 100 - for each of the treatment conditions. This is because other random factors might help or harm the plants, so you need to average the effects across multiple plants.

You would want a 'control group' that received no radiation at all. You would be comparing all the other (experimental) groups to the control group to determine the influence of the radiation. You might set it up with a low-dose, medium-dose and high-dose group in addition to the control group.

You would need to keep everything else - plant type and age, water, sunlight, soil, fertilizer etc - constant for all groups.
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