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Pharmacy Technician penn foster exam 08406600?

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Discussion

Pharmacy Technician penn foster exam 08406600?

Postby graent » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:39 pm

1. During their lives, men have about a ________ chance of
developing some type of cancer.
A. 1 in 100 C. 1 in 5
B. 1 in 10 D. 1 in 2
2. Cancer is a disease that results from ________ cell growth.
A. foreign C. abnormal
B. epidermal D. healthy
3. The best treatment for a small, slow-growing, localized skin
cancer is
A. surgery.
B. radiation.
C. chemotherapy.
D. a combination of radiation and chemotherapy.
4. ________ kills cancer cells by reversing the mutations that
caused them to be cancer cells.
A. Surgery C. Chemotherapy
B. Radiation D. Herbal therapy
5. When compared with normal healthy cells, cancer cells are ________ to chemotherapy.
A. more sensitive C. equally sensitive
B. less sensitive D. totally immune
6. The ________ and ________ metabolize chemotherapy drugs.
A. brain, lungs C. heart, kidneys
B. kidneys, liver D. heart, lungs
7. Hair loss is one example of the ________ chemotherapy.
A. toxic side effects of
B. evidence of cancer cell death that results from
C. indicators of
D. requirements of
8. Bone marrow transplant patients receive
A. surgery.
B. low doses of chemotherapy.
C. healthy bone.
D. chemotherapy, and sometimes radiation therapy, prior to bone marrow
transplantation, and healthy bone marrow.
9. Platelets are part of the blood cell system that helps the blood to
A. clot. C. flow.
B. thin out. D. have a deep red color.
10. A neoplasm can best be described as
A. a result of an overdose of radiation. C. a type of alkylating agent.
B. an abnormal mass of tissue. D. an anti-cancer antibiotic.
11. The category of drugs that “fires up” the body’s defenses to kill cancer is
A. immunomodulators. C. antibiotics.
B. alkylating drugs. D. nitrosoureas.
12. Some chemotherapy drugs for cancer, such as ________, have other medical uses in
different dosages.
A. prednisone C. alkylating agents
B. nitrosoureas D. nitrogen mustard
13. ________ refers to the killing of some blood cells as a result of chemotherapy.
A. Transformation C. Metastasis
B. Transplantation D. Myelosuppression
14. ________ are chemicals that are shared between white blood cells.
A. Squamous cells C. Cytotoxins
B. Immunosuppressors D. Interleukins
15. Colony stimulating factors are useful because they assist the ________ in recovering
from the cytotoxic effects of cancer chemotherapy.
A. bone marrow C. platelets
B. white blood cells D. hair follicles
16. Prostate cancer is usually treated with surgery, radiation, or ________ therapy.
A. diet C. hormone/endocrine
B. exercise D. alkylating
17. Which type of skin cancer grows fast and metastasizes early?
A. Squamous cell
B. Melanoma
C. Kaposi’s sarcoma
D. No skin cancers grow fast and metastasize early.
18. Leukemia is cancer of the
A. white blood cell system. C. stomach.
B. hair follicles. D. skin.
19. Lymphoma is cancer of the lymph node tissue that’s sometimes treated with
_______ lotion.
A. diethylstilbestrol C. paclitaxel
B. Mechlorethamine D. carboplatin.
20. Hodgkin’s disease is a
A. type of leukemia. C. special form of lymphoma.
B. type of skin cancer. D. type of stomach cancer.
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Pharmacy Technician penn foster exam 08406600?

Postby weallere » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:47 pm

any infection can cause L node enlargement
and you need to go to doctor
and seek medical advice
to exclude any other causes
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Pharmacy Technician penn foster exam 08406600?

Postby albert » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:52 pm

any infection can cause L node enlargement
and you need to go to doctor
and seek medical advice
to exclude any other causes
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