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Pet Scan Not Showing Liver

Liver Cancer research, treatment and diagnosis discussion

Pet Scan Not Showing Liver

Postby stanwode » Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:39 pm

My Dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer.  He has a mass 7.9cm by 6.7cm in the hepatic dome with 4 other small nodules.  He has HepC close to 20 years now and eight years ago they discovered this mass and he regrettably left it alone.  So... her we are.  He had a Petscan carried out Friday and the doc named him at home at 9pm to see if he is feeling okay and talked about he could not see the liver on the scan and he is concerned it could be bleeding or be filed with blood.  He desires a MRI stat on Monday.  What could be of all of this.  I am confused.  He is complaining of back discomfort and feels tired and weak.  His lower legs are bluish/purple and swollen????? Please give me any information.  Thanks. 
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