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Penis Bleeding

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Penis Bleeding

Postby ashwyn » Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:43 pm

Ok, first off i cant afford a doctor n this site has a Q&A so here i am

Ok this is how this hapen i got da urge to go to the restroom to take a No .2(a shit/feces) but i had a full erection

I tried to unstimulate the erection and while i had the erection i tried taking a shit suddenly the tip of my penis started dripping blood, it was fresh blood so i kinda panic got cleaned up took a shower n drank water i tried to pee n it hurt it wasent like harsh harsh pain but it hurt , 2 days later today i got blood spots very small and it hasent stoped, blood doesnt comeout when i pee and it doesnt hurt, also i masterbated and no blood come out, the semen is clean . Its only hours3-4 after my penis has been  unerected i get spots of blood very very little, the blood minimized very very quickly day after .

I want know what might be this problem i jus encountered if this problem is healing which it looks like it or should i be really afraid of this problem

Hope to hear from you Thank you

Thank you
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Penis Bleeding

Postby lyulf68 » Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:48 pm

Jay The only way to find an answer to your concern is to go to the county hospital and fill out paperwork for public assistance so you may see one of the doctors , blood from the penis is usually something more than just a drop of blood. This concerns me that you could have a stone which may be painful but not life threatening yet still needs treatment due to risk of an infection or a more serious concern is bladder cancer. This is how many people are diagnosed from blood in the urine or dripping out after straining hard. With either case a doctor(urologist) must evaluate you with some tests. If you are a cigarette smoker you are more than 50% likely to get bladder cancer than a non smoker. Take the time to do the paperwork and get into the doc, this can get worse so do not hesitate.  
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