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Pea sized lump on cervix?

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Pea sized lump on cervix?

Postby worrell » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:33 pm

I been suffering from bleeding after intercourse and irregular periods and even sometimes pain during sex as I'm only 19 my dr's booked me to have a cervical screeing,my sexual health was fine but my result was a abnormal smear I was told to wait 6 month to be re-smeared to see if they were still abnormal or changed I have a family history of cervical cancer aswell,its been 4 months since my last smear and while I was in the bath I felt my cervix (its low) and felt a small pea sized lump on it would anyone have any idea what this could be?..thankyou no rude comments please
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Pea sized lump on cervix?

Postby shea51 » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:41 pm

If this was me, I'd go back to the doctor & demand a pap smear, although it won't be on the 6th month mark. A lump is something you should get examined and do not ignore, especially since you have abnormal pap smears, but this does not mean that you do have cancer or whatnot. Are you sure its not an ingrown hair? Also, be sure to get a second opinion. You can also go to planned parenthood, without your doctor's knowledge & they can get it done for you & see what they say about it. But, please do not ignore this!
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Pea sized lump on cervix?

Postby uilleam » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:43 pm

Regardless of the lump if you are bleeding after sex I feel the doctor should be investigating this a little more, go back and explain you have concerns and would appreciate another smear to put your mind at rest.
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Pea sized lump on cervix?

Postby treowbrycg » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:46 pm


Many people are unsettled when they have an abnormal smear test result. But I do not think that you need to be overly concerned. Abnormal smear tests are relatively common in younger people and the cells often go back to normal without any treatment.

I would imagine that your smear was only slightly abnormal, because people with moderate or severely abnormal cells are sent to the colposcopy clinic for an examination. It is perfectly acceptable to ask someone with slightly abnormal cell changes to have a repeat smear test in 6 months time.

I cannot reliably diagnose what the pea sized lump might be over the internet. So it might be a good idea to see your GP. But it is highly unlikely that anything serious is wrong, as it usually takes many years for abnormal cervical cells to become cancerous. I wonder if you are feeling a nabothian cyst. These are mucus-filled cyst on the surface of the cervix and are considered harmless. But do get a check up just to be on the safe side.

If you are interested you can read about abnormal smears at this link:http://cancerhelp.cancerresearchuk.org/type/cervical-cancer/smears/?utm_source=yahooanswers&utm_medium=kp&utm_campaign=Y!kpanswers

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