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Pap Smear Came Back Abnormal... Any Advice?

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Pap Smear Came Back Abnormal... Any Advice?

Postby Marmion » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:34 am

I am 22 and recently had my first ever Pap smear.... The results came back today and it came back as LSIL.... I am aware that this is usually caused by hpv but, I read that it may regress over time. I am terrified and have been a total wreck today.... I have an appointment for a second opinion next week.... Anyone have any experience with LSIL? I am recently married and want a kid some day but the research I have done does not seem promising and my dr did not offer much info.
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Pap Smear Came Back Abnormal... Any Advice?

Postby Ranald » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:47 am

Abnormal cell changes are common in the young women.
The virus is common.

I am not sure I would go for a second this soon after the first Pap test.
I don't think it will accomplish much.
Having another Pap this soon after your first will not change the fact that your first Pap found abnormal cell changes.
Your second Pap may not find any cell changes or the second Pap may cause more irritation to your cervix so soon after the first Pap.
Talking to another doctor may ease your mind, but it seems your research has also been promising (the information on abnormal cell regression is almost 90%) If you were not pleased with your doctors at the time of your Pap do schedule your follow up Pap test in six months or a year with a new doctor.
Our Pap tests are something we do until at least age 65.
The monitoring allows our doctors to see cell changes early, monitor these cell changes if they make progress to a higher level than a treatment can be done preventing most all cervical cancers.
Your Pap finding in a year gives you more information that you re-pap this soon following your pap that showed the cell changes.
Giving your cervix time to heal before you have a second Pap will give you better results.
Condom use for six months even in the committed relationship seems to help in the virus regression.

Many times when abnormal cells are seen in the woman under 30 the second part or co-testing to confirm that the abnormal cell changes are due to high risk HPV types are not done and regression is very common.
Squamous cell changes are very slow growing and in younger women the cells a regress. The HPV test becomes standard of care at age 30.

The virus does not cause infertility.
The virus does not make it more difficult to get pregnant.

I am older so my first abnormal cell changes were HSIL.
I had two leeps but after the LEEP my Paps were LSIL for several years.
Due to an immune disorder I was placed on prednison for several years.
Prednisone weakens the immune system.
Once I was off the prednison the virus regressed.

Use Condoms for six months to help your body identify the virus and starts building its natural immunity to the HPV type you and your partner share.
A healthy diet, rich in fruits and veggies, reduce stress, get good sleep ( good sleep boosts the immune system) exercise and limit alcohol to no more than 3 servings sizes a week, a multi-vitimain won?t hurt and may help because they are the days when eating healthy isn?t possible.

If you do go for a second opinion, ask for a copy of your most recent Pap tests and take this to the doctor that is doing the second opinion.
A Pap reports (pathology reports) are ours they are not like the doctors notes and I feel a copy should be given to us but most of the times they aren't, I have never had a doctor refuse a request for my pathology reports but most don't just make a copy for me.
Keeping copies can give us better information if we need it sometime in our future.

Many women are upset and scared when they learn they have an abnormal Pap.
Knowledge about the virus will help alleviate your fears.
I wish you well.

Consistent condom use increases the regression rate of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 2-3. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23028...

Condom use promotes regression of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and clearance of human papillomavirus: a randomized clinical trial. http://www.thehpvtest.com/about-hpv/faqs... http://www.mendeley.com/catalog/condom-p...
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