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Pancreatic cancer? Is it possible to cure stage IV pancreatic cancer?

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Pancreatic cancer? Is it possible to cure stage IV pancreatic cancer?

Postby woodley90 » Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:42 pm

You can not "cure" pancreatic cancer with chemo. You prolong his life. My father has it (had to have half of his pancreas removed). Thru surgery, chemo and radiation he has lived past 1 yr. At the Oklahoma Health Center we have a support group for this disease that meets once a month. We have survivors of 5+ yrs of this rotten odd ball thrown at us and we all share what has helped to keep our loved ones with us and what has helped to keep us get thru this ordeal.

The doctor is lying to you. If your Uncle has it in his liver and lungs besides the pancreas, it has spread. The best thing to do is, suck up your gut, take a very deep breath, and face facts. It feels terrible to type that but I feel it is better to face the truth than face denial. I am grateful that my 76 yr old father has made it 1 yr. I realize he will not make it another. We have had much younger people and their families in the support meetings.

Enjoy the time you have left together. Get him to tell you everything about his childhood and growing up in an earlier generation so that history can be passed on.

Please remember that we are here to support you at this time, and God is with him.
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