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Ovarian Cancer Problems

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Ovarian Cancer Problems

Postby Alahmoot » Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:31 am

My wife(32y/o) was diagnosed in 08 with stage 3c ovarian cancer. After a year she went into remission, but that only lasted six months. Since it came back it has been far worse this time around. She has neuphrostomy tubes, stints in her euroters, a gastro tube in her stomach, and gets fed by tpn. Her right tube has been replaced three times because it leaks about two weeks after its put in. She has refused it to be done again. Is this a good decision. Any advice?
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Ovarian Cancer Problems

Postby Deoradhain » Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:18 am

I'm sorry to read about her - and your - problems! Unfortunately the prognosis of ovarian cancer is very bad.  So even if she accepted more treatment that would most probably not change the outcome. Finally only she can make this decision and only she can feel what is acceptable to her or not. So I can not question her decision even though I deplore the fact that it(at present) is not possible to give her better treatment or to cure her. I'm sorry I have nothing better to tell you!

You can also reach me on: http://www.lifestylerescue.com/expert/health-fitness-advice/dr-claes-gustaf/128     There is no restriction to the number of questions there.
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