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Ovarian Cancer????? Please Help?

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Ovarian Cancer????? Please Help?

Postby Warley » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:29 am

okay so my mom has been really sick and she had this weird thing under her armpit so she went to the doctor. they said it was a vessel that was irritated and was doing that for some reason.. I dont know alot of information because my mom wont tell me because she doesnt wanna scare me. But, she went through a whole bunch of tests and was tested for cancer and it came back positive for ovarian cancer both of the times. in the last couple weeks shes been under surveillance and yesterday they tested her twice again and it came back negative those two times. The doctor said that she definitely had ovarian cancer but because of all the medication and things they've done, its gone away. Im really scared, will it come back? ive researched it and the websites say that many die of this cancer and its hard to treat. My dad lives in another country and my moms raised me on her own so were pretty close. im 13 and i dont know what to think... can you please tell me what you know about ovarian cancer, im really concerned about this. thanks
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Ovarian Cancer????? Please Help?

Postby Neff » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:34 am

Don't worry about your mum, if the doctor is confident about her and is positive then you should also be. I'm also 13 and I had ovarian cancer in september (It's really rare, so you won't get it don't worry!) It probably won't come back and if it does they can treat it with chemotherapy. Ovarian cancer isn't as deadly as lung cancer or pancreatic cancer, it can be cured. Don't do research online, the ovarian cancer you are reading about which is hard to treat is probably when it has reached a later stage. They will monitor your mum very closely for ovarian cancer so if anything is growing they can remove it and give her chemotherapy. I'm not sure how aggressive the chemotherapy is for adults with ovarian cancer but mine was really mild and hardly bothers me at all. If you do research and stuff you'll read lots of negatives and morbid things, when actually in reality there are lots of ovarian cancer survivors. Ask your mum to tell you about it, because it's scaring you more not knowing and you'll probably find that it is far easier knowing because you know exactly the situation and you can help your mum. Let your mum know that you're doing research on it and it's information that may not be related to her case. Every ones cancer is different, all at different stages and there are probably different types of ovarian cancers, some people don't respond to chemotherapy and most do. You can't find reliable exact information on the internet, that's something I learned. I scared myself nearly to death when I was first diagnosed reading about the type I had, when in fact there are HUNDREDS of types of that tumor and how could I possibly find accurate information about my cancer in a short summary of three hundred types of cancers, all slightly related? When later on I learned that I had the most curable type out of all of them. Avoid online information websites, and speak to your mother about her cancer. I'm sure you'll feel much better and far more confident when you hear from her exactly what it is.
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Ovarian Cancer????? Please Help?

Postby nario25 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:35 am

I don't think your mother had ovarian cancer, if I understand your description right. I had ovarian cancer when I was a teenager (25 years ago!) and I have studied it a lot and know a lot of women with it. The reason I think she doesn't have it is that you didn't mention anything about surgery. The only way to diagnose ovarian cancer is major surgery. And surgery is the first treatment for it, followed in most cases by chemotherapy. So did she have surgery? If no, what could be going on is that she had a blood test that indicated ovarian cancer. Does that sound like what happened? If so, then I believe it was a misunderstanding. See, there is a test called the CA-125 test that helps to track growth of ovarian cancer. So doctors use it while someone is undergoing chemotherapy, and afterwards. If the number goes down while having chemo, then that means the chemo is working. If it stays the same or goes up, then the chemo isn't working and they need to try something else. Then, when the woman is recovered, they test her periodically and if her CA-125 goes up, then she's probably having a recurrence. HOWEVER, many people do not understand the nature of the CA-125 test and think that it tests for ovarian cancer. But it doesn't. The substance it tests for is something the body produces when it is irritated or inflamed. Anything that irritates it can cause the number to rise. For this reason, the CA-125 can't be used to test for ovarian cancer. This is because generally, if someone is complaining about a health problem, they've got inflammation somewhere. I mean, having the flu can cause an elevated CA-125. Having an infection can cause it to rise. So when your mother was tested and the test "came back positive for ovarian cancer," I'm thinking her CA-125 was elevated, and your mom misunderstood and thought that an elevated level meant she had ovarian cancer. It doesn't. That's why the test was later normal. If she DID have ovarian cancer, in order to get that number down, she'd have had surgery and chemotherapy. The surgery would cause her to be in the hospital for probably at least a week, and then the chemotherapy would last for at least 6 months. Did she have those things? I don't want to say anything further, but more information is needed to figure out what's going on. I hope I'm right and it was all a false alarm and your mother misunderstood!
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