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Outlook for someone with stage IV kidney cancer?

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Outlook for someone with stage IV kidney cancer?

Postby lundy19 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:47 pm

I was wondering if anyone knew the life expectancy of someone with Stage IV kidney cancer. My dad was diagnosed back in January, and he has a grapefruit sized tumor on his kidney, it has metastisized to his lungs (1 cm lesions), he has another small mass behind his esophagus, and it has spread to his brain. He just finished his second and last round of radiation on his entire brain, and he is about to start his 3rd round of chemo next week.

The reason I am asking if anyone has any information about it is because he refuses to tell me or anyone else in my family. He doesnt want to worry anyone or make anyone feel sorry for him. I have read online that it has a low survival rate, something like 15% of people live 5 years, and some websites say people can live anywhere from 8 months to 14 months. I just need some information from someone who actually has been there or knows someone who has.

Please, no trolls, this is a very serious question.
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Outlook for someone with stage IV kidney cancer?

Postby donat » Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:54 pm

I was diagnosed with RCC in June of 2000 and metstatic disease in Oct 2001. My mestastasis was localized to my lung though and mt relative good health,otherwise allowed me many avenues of treatement. I am still fighting. If your dad won't allow you to be in on his doctor client privelege, you must respect that. Be sure though that he asks his Oncologist about bone marrow replacement, Alpha interferon Interluekin II therapy, Cyberknife, RF Ablation, Angiogenesis inhibitors, Embolization, etc. Some of these will be ruled out because of the Brain tumor, but it might be a reason to try cyberknife.
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Outlook for someone with stage IV kidney cancer?

Postby burhleag » Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:59 pm

Been there, done that... was liver disease for one and diabetic leukemia with shingles for another.

Research the treatment plans and meds. There are generally standard protocols of diagnosis, treatment, review etc..

Much is being researched with regard to cell reproduction; the use of the patience's own cells in the fight for cure.

The length of time will depend on the factors of his disease and his system's balance in coping.

Wishing the best of outcomes for your Dad.
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Outlook for someone with stage IV kidney cancer?

Postby cuchulain » Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:10 pm

Hi Mandy. I’m sorry about your dad. I ran a report for you through the SEER website and the 5 year survival rate for a stage 4 kidney cancer is 9.5%.. However, his oncologist would have a better estimate for you, as he knows his case better than anyone. I’m only able to provide you with statistics.

I know it’s hard but try to respect his wishes. Try to go to some of his appointments and get to know his doctors. Sometimes it’s too hard for someone in his place to discuss these things with the people they love most. Having discussions with his doctors in front of him can sometimes make it easier for the patient to talk to their family as some things can be left unsaid.
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Outlook for someone with stage IV kidney cancer?

Postby sevrin46 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:20 pm

I am so sorry about your father. Your father is still trying to deal with this diagnosis. He is feeling so many different emotions at this time. All his life he has protected you and he is still trying to do that. His prognosis is not good. You can read on WEB MD about the stages of cancer and the survival rate of stage IV is not high. Cancer can be very slow growing to very aggressive. He will most likely be more candid with you with time. He has so many things to think through and it is important to keep a positive attitude. Don't pressure him about anything and just love him. He has never needed your support like he does now. He may never open up about this, as men deal with this diagnosis differently than women. I wish I could give you a hug and pray with you. God will help you through this difficult time if you let him. Just pray and seek support from close friends and family.
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Outlook for someone with stage IV kidney cancer?

Postby beals » Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:31 pm

It can sometimes produce a five year survival of up to 10ish percent, but because he has more than one distant metastasis.. not very likely, I'm afraid. 5% would be a more accurate bet.

Either way, both of those numbers are clear signs that you and your family need to start talking and communicating with him that you're going to be there for him, no matter what happens. Find a support group for loved ones of cancer patients, and encourage him to join one for cancer patients or those with terminal illness. This is a very hard time in your life- you and your father are in my thoughts and prayers.
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