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Other Catheter Options??

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Other Catheter Options??

Postby Paolo » Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:35 pm

Hi, my husband 69, has a urologist doctor who does not want him to have a foley catheter since he fears bladder infections , my husband had kidney cancer adn it was taken out in feb with no metastases. HAN. My husband wants to know is there any other option to this manual catheterization his doctor says he will probably have to do for the rest of his life?  thank you.

ANSWER: Susan:

There is not enough information to give a reliable answer.  For example, the reason for the catheter is not clear.  Usually, this is for leakage or for urinary retention.  Surgery for kidney cancer would not normally affect bladder function this much so there is a separate problem with the bladder.  

Alternatives to Foley catheters include medications like urecholine and tamsulosin, suprapubic tubes, condom catheters and intermittent self-catheteriazation.  In some cases, a surgery can be helpful.  To settle this, you might want to get a second opinion from another urologist.  In general, we try to avoid permanent Foley catheters if possible because of discomfort, bleeding and infections.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

thaks. His urologist stated his diabetes has torn up? his bladder. He did have a lot of leakage throughout the last few years which ended with the HAN. He dribbled normally once or twice following surgery then found he could not urinate at all without intermittant cathing. Why do you suppose he cannot go normally and do u agree he'll probably have to use a cath the rest of his life? susan
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Other Catheter Options??

Postby Beornet » Sat Feb 21, 2015 2:11 pm


Like I stated previously, there is not enough information upon which to base a treatment recommendation.  A re-evaluation of his lower urinary tract may help identify the source of the problem.  A bladder pressure test, called a CMG, can also be helpful in making this determination.  Since he can't void well on his own, intermittent self catheterization is not an unreasonable alternative in many cases.  But it all depends on the underlying problem and your husband's other capabilities and desires.  I can't predict the likelihood of recovery because I don't know how badly damaged the bladder might be at this point.  Sorry.
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