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How To Check For Bumps On Testicle?

Simple, do regular self-exams in the shower.
See http://tcrc.acor.org/tcexam.html for instructions.

BTW-Testicular cancer is rare (only about 9000 men a year get it) and it is VERY treatable.
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Prostate Cancer Help?

My 14 year old has had trouble sleeping this last week because he says he's worried he has prostate cancer, he says this because he has a small delay before urination, but that is it.

His mother has taken him to the doctor and they said that results would be in about a month which I think is stupid, but he is really concerned about it and wanted some professional thoughts on it. ...
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Do I Have Testicular Cancer?

I found a jellybean sized lump behind my left testicle about a year ago. I don't remember having any pain and I didn't notice any change in size since I first noticed it. It feels kind of wormy and irregular shaped, and it doesn't hurt when I squeeze it. I am a 14 year old boy and I am very concerned. HELP!
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What Are The Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer?

Symptoms for prostate cancer vary, and it's symptoms only really appear at a more advanced stage. But things like, going to the toilet more often, incontinence, maybe painful urination. Any symptoms related with urination etc. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms get yourself checked out.
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Why Did It Take Jehovah's Witnesses Until 1954 To Figure Out That Jesus Shouldn't Be Worshiped?

Russell promoted the worship of Jesus and prayer to him because he is our God.

"It seems clear that His Divinity was retained in humanity because He repeatedly spoke of Himself as having come down from heaven, and because He, though passing through trial and sorrow as a man, was yet possessed of the authority and exercised the prerogatives of a God. He was the object of unreproved worship even when a babe, ...

Does This Make My Bf Gay?

He always asks me for nudes and tells me I'm sexy and pretty and hot etc and tells me about what he fantasizes about (sexually between us) but then he told me that he has always wanted to know what anal sex with another guy feels like. Like he asked me if I would get a dick if I could and when I said no he asked why then I said it wouldn't go with ...
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Pain In Scrotum, Help?

Since shortly i have pain in my scrotum, i'm a person that worries alot so i directly think its something like testicular cancer.. i have what it feels like a really small swelling in one of my balls that does hurt when i touch it, and i'm having abit of pain generally at my scrotum for the last 2 days. help please :(

P.S: I'm 14 year olds, i have read testicular cancer ...
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Weight Of Prostrate At 52 Years?

Weight alone does not indicate any problem and is not normally considered in a diagnosis.
For your information a normal prostate weighs 20 grams or 0.7 ounces.
In order to obtain an actual weight the prostate has to be surgically removed.
The weight can be indirectly indicated by size.
An enlarged prostate will weigh more.
How much more can vary greatly with the individual.
Prostate size tends to increase with an increased body mass ...
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Am I Opressed Because I Am A Male?

I am a freshman from New Jersey, I study Liberal Arts. I just happen to be a male depite this I also happpen reclusive, this is my nature. Other people do not like me because of this and they make harsh insults about me and attempt to harm me. When this happens, I tend to get very very angry and cannot stop thinking about horrible things happening to the people who want to harm me. ...
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