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Who Discovered The Risk Factors Of Pancreatic Cancer?

No single person discovers all the risk factors for any cancer as they are usually found over time often during studies and with the data that is collected and reported on all reportable cases of cancer.
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What Type Of Cancers Are Fatal And The Patient Can Survive For More Than A Few Months?

Metastatic Stage 4 cancer is fatal.
Metastatic means it originated in one place but by the time it was found or during treatment in hopes of curing it, it has spread.
Any cancer (minus your leukemias) can do this.
In males, the most aggressive and hard to diagnose cancers are pancreatic and prostate; in females, it is ovarian.
By the time they are found, they have the highest rates of metastasizing.
Stage 4 means it ...

My Ex Has Been Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer, Will She Live?

She claims to have had 5 organs removed due to the cancer. She is very overweight and has no focus on her health. Is she going to survive? If so, approximately how long?
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I Think I Have Pancreatic Cancer?

I have a family history of Diabetes. I am 25, and have had a high sugar diet for the past 24 years. I am getting worried and am scared to go to the doctor to find out I have pancreatic cancer. Ive smoked for the past 8 years. Plan and am making progress quitting. I have let stress get the best of me and have had frequent and i mean regularly relations with girlfriends. Im ...
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Is It True That A Vegetarian Diet Can Reduce The Probability Of Getting Cancer?


Nobody knows what causes cancer; many types of cancer have known or suspected risk factors; risk factors are not causes. A diet high in red and (especially) processed meat is a major risk factor for colorectal cancers. Obviously a vegetarian diet will reduce that risk; so will a diet that includes meat but limits or excludes red and pressed meats.

A diet high in red and processed meats is also ...

Burning Pain In Stomach!!?

I'm a 23 year old woman and for the past two months I've had burning pains on and off again in my upper left stomach, just under my ribs.
I am of average weight - 132 lbs and eat pretty healthy.

During the past 4 days or so the pains have gotten really bad and are with me contantly.
I can't go to the doctor for a couple weeks, and I am ...
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Where Can I Get Original Marlboro Cigarettes In Chennai ?

Any Cigrettes will kill your life so pl Stop smoking now

Health effects of tobacco

The health effects of tobacco are the circumstances, mechanisms, and factors of tobacco consumption on human health. Epidemiological research has been focused primarily on cigarette tobacco smoking, which has been studied more extensively than any other form of consumption.

Tobacco is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally. Tobacco use leads most commonly ...
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What To Do, Young Friend Dying With Cancer, Shall I Tell The Family?

It seems little can be done as he has stage II-B pancreatic cancer with one lymph node involvement. He is just 29 years of age, married for 2 years with no children yet. Though the family knew he has cancer, I could not tell them the severity of the disease as they are already very upset with the mom threatening to commit suicide if something happens to her only son and the wife of the ...

I Am Suffering From The Pancreas Diseaes One My Enezyme Amylse Is More Than Its Actual Level Due To Which I Am?

Acute pancreatitis suspected. Most symptoms stated by you relate to pancreatic disease.

Increased blood amylase levels may occur due to:--

* Acute pancreatitis

* Cancer of the pancreas, ovaries, or lungs

* Cholecystitis

* Gallbladder attack caused by disease

* Gastroenteritis (severe)

* Infection of the salivary glands (such as mumps) or a blockage

* Intestinal blockage

What Are The Diffrent Stages Of Pancreatic Cancer?

I'm writing a book where the main characters' father is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is dying, so I would like to learn as much as possible about it as I can.

So what are the stages and what are they called?

What does it do to your body as it advances?

Are all stages lethal and if so how long is your life expectancy?

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