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Help Me Answer These Science Questions?

1) How does acid ran make lake water acidic?

2) Why does acid rain cause plants and trees to die?

3) Explain how acid rain affects fish that like in lakes.

4) What type of radiation from the sun is stopped by the ozone layer?

5) What does too much of this radiation do to human beings?

6)What pollutant has caused a hole in the ...
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Should I Be Worried About This "freckle"?

For a while I've noticed I had a few freckles on my lips. The one on my bottom lip are lighter colored so it's not very noticeable, but the one on my top lip has been gradually getting bigger and it's darker than the ones on my bottom lip. I googled about lip freckles and found out that there's actually lip cancers. I forgot which one it was but one of the signs included persistently ...
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Skin Cancer? Liver Spots Help?

Angel - No need to worry.
Liver spots (also known as "Solar lentigo","Lentigo senilis", "Old age spot," and "Senile freckle" are blemishes on the skin associated with aging and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. They range from light brown to red or black and are located in areas most often exposed to the sun, particularly the hands, face, shoulders, arms and forehead, and the head if bald. Liver spots are not related to ...
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Why Do White People Tan...when It's A Well-known Fact That All Whites Age Really Fast And Get Skin Cancer?

It's a well- known fact that white people age faster than other races because they lack melanin in their skin. Also, the leading cause of skin cancer and fast aging is due to sun exposure. The sun is actually very bad on white people's skin... yet white people sun-bathe and tan to become darker which only ages them. Do they not realize the sun only gives them temporary color but is causing themselves to age ...

Excess Skin Growth On The Neck?

i was born with excess skin on the back of my neck (it was flat and barely visible) like a skin tag. Since then, it has grown larger and gotten darker. I had it checked when I was 7 (I am 14 now) and they said there wasn't any sign of cancer then (Alot can change in 7 years). Since then, they have gotten even bigger. I am just getting a little worried. I Googled ...
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Do You Think That Looks Like Skin Cancer Please Help?

Do you think that looks like skin cancer please im worry some help me please?

here a picture

its on my chest

here is a picture 2 days ago


a picture 5 minutes ago


if not cancer what is that do i need to worry?

i dont khnow if it was before or not days ago i ...
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Could I Have Skin Cancer?

Three days ago my jawline was itchy so i scratched it but stopped after i realised i had scratched a mole. The mole didnt bleed but formed a scab. It hasnt changed in colour, size, is asymetrical and the border isnt jagged however i am extremely concerned in case i have skin cancer as the mole was itchy and has now formed a small scab after i scratched it. I havent sleep in three days ...
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What's My Skin Tone...?

Yea olive. Atleast urs is easy to determine. I'm half Chinese(mom is whiter than snow white) and Indian( dad is dark, not jet black though). I've been confused for being Arabic, Spanish, Pakistan and Turkish...;}

Regardless, ur pretty as hell( and im not a stalker, jz giving a compliment).
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Big Bump On My Lower Back?

Please read.

One day my friend pointed it out, I realized then it was not normal. I remember noticing it last year, but I don't know how long exactly I have had it. It is right above my butt, on the spine. It is not hard, it squishy. It sticks out.

Here is a pic of a back, I drew a red circle where my bump is, and that how ...
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What Are The Answers To These Cosmic Ray Questions?

Research either Solar Winds/Storms or UV Radiation, which are types of cosmic rays, and answer the questions that follow.

What are the effects of your cosmic ray on Earth, and/or technology, and/or biota? Explain fully the effects (e.g., explain using diagrams how UV radiation cause melanomas).

How are the hazards of your cosmic rays predicted? Are there any early warnings of incoming risks (levels of UV, or Solar wind particles)? ...
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