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Would My Wife Be Able To Join The Military With A Pre Existing Diagnosis Of Cancer?

She had cancer in her uterus but had it removed, now she is cancer free.

Dark Hair Colour Question?

helloooo I've been trailing the internet for some time now as I want to dye my hair and ive got the idea of the warm cool thing and what goes with what but I'm wondering about colour depth as all the sites say the same thing: don't go more than two shades lighter or darker and for example light eyes and skin should have light hair light skin medium eyes medium hair and dark eyes ...
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Tattoo On My Ankle, Painful?

My mother passed away 7 years ago after a battle with melanoma cancer.
The one thing that I told myself I would do is getting a tattoo on my ankle of a small frog.
The same tattoo that my mother got.
Frogs are a symbol of healing from my understanding, and I believe I would get the final moment of closure after this is done.
I've already put my mind to it, I know I'm ...
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Lady Problem :( Please Help I'm Really Scared It Is Cancerous ?

I really dont wanna ask on here but im scared of seeing a doctor, or if it's cancer :(. Well, I've noticed a small lump on the right lip, it doesn't hurt, it is the same colour as my skin and you wouldn't notice it until you feel it, it's quite hard and smaller than a pea, is this normal? What do you think it is? I'm 13 too.
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I Accidentally Inhaled The Fumes When I Went Airbrush Tanning Today! Am I Going To Die?

I am still alive and have inhale a lot of things. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/fash-tr...
please read this article and stop using that chemical on your body. Your skin is an organ like your lungs and can absorb poisons, as well as your lungs and the chemical is now not FDA approved, so please read the article and stop using that crap. http://www.jonbarron.org/article/spray-t...
Read up before you do things to your body. this stuff has been know ...

I Had Biopsies On Two Moles A Couple Days Ago, Could They Be Cancer? I Am Only 15?

I always see the dermatologist a few times a year. Usually for acne, but also to have my skin checked. Skin cancer runs in our family, my Nana (grandma) actually had melanoma multiple times.

One was bigger, oddly shaped and had a dark spot in the middle. The other was bigger, "egg shaped" and had a "halo" (it was on my back, I never actually saw it). She originally told us to watch ...

I Constantly Worry About My Health?

I'm a 14 yr old male and I constantly worry and stress myself out about my health. In the last few weeks I've thought I had skin cancer, testicular cancer, oral cancer, diabetes, etc. The list goes on. The only one that did turn out to be anything was when I thought I had oral cancer, and it was geographic tongue. I even read about Schizophrenia and when I went to bed that night I ...
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Hpv Health Question!?

So i went to my gyno a while ago and got a pap test..when i went today he said the pap test came back abnormal showing strains of HPV, but not to worry because i am young and there arent any major concerns..he took another pap test today and just wants to keep giving me one every 6 months to make sure im okay...Is this something my boyfriend can get? We've had unprotected sex before..im ...
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Working Outside; Worried About Sunburn?

Maybe. Try a better sun screen. A high spf with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Make sure he reapplies it regularly.
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