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Lung Cancer discussions, another of the most common forms of cancer

I'm Worried Will I Have Cancer Because I've Had 5 Xrays And I'm 14?

You will NOT develop any type of cancer from the minimal radiation received

in five plain film x-ray examinations.

Lung Cancer Diagnosis To Death In 2 Weeks?

Someone I know who had a major heart attack and five bypasses 4 years ago just died from lung cancer. I have some questions. He had been a heavy smoker till his heart attack and quit. Not too long before he died i noticed he started back but only a few cigs a day. He originally went in with that it looked to be pneumonia and they admitted him to hospital and put him on ...
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What Is Wrong With Me? (info)?

The day before yesterday I was having sinus trouble (the usual pain, stuffiness, blood-streaked mucus). It went away. But the excessive mucus may have spread to my chest! Or worse! I am asthmatic, by the way, and I haven't taken my Advair since two days ago (for it needs refilling).

My symptoms are the following:


No fever--yet

Swollen, sore glands (they feel as big as rocks!) ...
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Lung Cancer Mets To Brain Radiation And Chem 1 Month Ago Terminal How Long?

Stop eating ALL meats, dairy, sugar,refined carbs, contrary to popular belief greens have enough protein for your diet. Eat ONLY plant foods.

-greens (spinach,chard,arugela, lettuce all greens)

- raspberries, blueberries, strawberries

- nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds

- spices, turmeric, ginger, (stay away from spices with additives i.e. maltodextrin etc.

-lemons, green apples (not red)

- sometimes FISH but always a smaller portion of ...

Can Second Hand Smoking Cause Sore Throat, Swollen Glands And Clogged Nose?

I've just moved into a student dorm 1 and a half months ago, and i've been having a lot of problems with cold symptoms ever since, many mornings i wake up with swollen glands and can't breathe through my nose, it usually goes away later in the day. I have been searching my room for drafts but couldn't find any. We have a common living room and almost all my roommates smoke in there a ...

We Just Found Out This Week That My Friend (who Is 35) Has Non Small Cell Lung Cancer ?

This is definitely not something anyone should ever look forward to getting.
It is definitely life threatening and I have 5 friends that died of this in their 50's.
Lung cancer is definitely one type of CANCER that cannot be treated with chemotherapy at all.
It doesn't work.
If a doctor recommends this for your friend, it is to simply "Give him hope" nothing more.

The first thing I would do is ...

Are The Cell Functions Changed In Any Way Upon Becoming Malignant?

This is for my bio class we are studying cancer. I am in fact studying lung cancer would anyone happen to know the answer to my question it would be very helpful i am doing my homework thank you very much!!!

Can You Get Lung Cancer From Kissing Someone Who Smokes If You Kiss Them Often And They Smoke Often?

There are people who have never smoked and end up with cancer. so yes you can get lung cancer even if you are not the one smoking but it will not be because you kissed a smoker

Is Quitting Cold Turkey Very Difficult?

My dad was just diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and made me promise him I would quit smoking by the end of the week. I'm a really heavy smoker and I can't imagine cutting down before quitting. At the end of the week I'm planning on chain smoking Saturday night, and then at midnight that will be it. Within an hour I'll be dying for a cigarette so bad, but I know I have the ...
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