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Pain Under Right Rib Cage

For the past six weeks I have suffered with pain under my right rib cage.  Within the past two weeks I have had a liver ultrasound, an abdominal CT scan, an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, multiple blood studies, and numerous doctor visits.  None of my work-ups have revealed a cause for this constant pain and discomfort.  The area is tender to touch and feels full and sometimes numb.  The pain radiates around my side and up ...
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Mother's Liver Cancer

My mother is 86 and has bile duct cancer that has spread to the liver.  She is to start chemotherapy in a week.  Her symptoms are a sharp pain in her upper right side abdomen, extreme tiredness, sleepy often, loss of appetite, constipation and depressed.  She is not vomiting nor running a fever at this time.  Two questions.

1. Will the doctor give her chemo if she is in pain from the cancer?
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Mom Dying Of Liver Ca

Hi, Firstly let me say that this site has been a god-send because of the information it has provided me during this trying time!

My mother, age 67, was diagnosed with primary HCC in Feb 2011, with lymph nodes in her lungs. Due to her physical condition and her own desire, we decided to forego any chemo. As there is no palliative care to speak of in our country, we decided to take care ...
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Dad Dying Of Aggresive Rare Liver Cancer

hi, my dad was diagnosed 12mnths ago with bowel cancer and secondary liver cancer, they got all the bowel cancer out. they started chemo on the liver and after 5 months he went into total remission, then after 4months he started having same symptoms again and after tests 2 weeks ago found it was back. they started him on a much stronger chemo this time round that made him soooooooo sick that he has been ...
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Hi Platelets And Hi Liver Enzymes After A Month Of Just Fever

may 19 got a high fever no other symptoms.  From then to June 8th everyday/night I had 100.4 to 103.3.  Went to MD he just did a urine and CBC and normal results sent me home.  Waited a week went to ER same tests done same results plus liver function that was normal.  Told to keep on Advil/Tylenton which I did every single day of that month-fired my MD seen new one  yesterday he did ...
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Liver Cancer Death


I'm not sure this is the right place to ask these questions so please forgive me if it's not. I lost my dad at age 59 to liver cancer in October 2005. He died at home in my arms as he wanted to. I believe his death was very peaceful. He lapsed into a coma and five hours later he passed. My question is at the end, he had what looked like black ...
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Requesting Prayer For Divine Healing

MY name is chad vick and i live in knoxville tennessee and im requesting prayer and divine healing for my aunt who has stage 4 liver cancer. im asking GOD to touch and heal her body and if he does not heal her im asking GOD to let her accept the things she cannot change but that he can change. Im ALSO TO REQUESTING PRAYER FOR MY MOTHER HER BLOOD PRESSURE IS ELEVATED IM ASKING ...
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Primary Complex

Hi Dr.David Olson, i have a 3 yrs and 4 mos, old daughter and she was diagnosed with primary complex,her x-ray result was pneumonia both mid and lower lungs, she was given the skin test and after 2 days they measured it 8mm, the dr, gave her medication for 6 months which is the ff: pyrazinamide(to be taken for 2 months), rifampicin and isoniazid(for 6 months), she also have lymp nodes in her neck, she ...
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Colon/liver Cancer

Please tell more or less how much time my dad really has?  He has cancer in the liver and the colon, they have done chemo on both areas but it is still spreading.  They will do one more chemo but this medicine is not designed to do both areas so only one area can be done, but the doctors said that after they do this one more time that is all they can do.  He ...
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Dad Suffering From Liver Ca

Well, my dad has been fighting HCC(primary liver cancer) for coming on 2 years now, I know we are approaching the end. He is very weak, stiff, abdomen extremely distended, just got out of hospital due to pneumonia and sepsis, kidneys are not functioning well anymore, he wanted to come home from hospital so dr allowed him to, his extremities are cold and pale dusky. My question is how long can we expect this process ...
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