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What Percentage Of Compounds Formed From The Extract Of This Plant Fall Within 2 Standard Deviations Of The Me?

The extract of a plant native to Taiwan has been tested as a possible treatment for Leukemia. One of the chemical compounds produced from the plant was analyzed for a particular collagen. The collagen amount was found to be normally distributed with a mean of 77 and standard deviation of 9.8 grams per mililiter.

(a) What is the probability that the amount of collagen is greater than 68 grams per mililiter?

What's The Amount A Doctor Charges For A Bone Marrow Transplant?

What a doctor charges is only a small fraction of the cost of a bone marrow transplant. And there are lots of detail questions about the type of donor, the type of preparative regimen, etc.

The total cost for a transplant is almost always greater than $200,000, and can easily run to three times that, especially if there are any early complications. The fees for the hematologist overseeing the affair will almost always ...

Should I Be Concerned Or Am I Over Thinking It? 5yr Old Leukemia?

Well my 5 yr old has once again a fever for no reason. Has been on antibiotics for ten days. About 14 days ago she started having a little cold symptoms and started a cough, nothing bad at all. Day ten woke up with 103.0 fever. So I take her to the doc, they look at her, listen, but no blood test this time. Chest is clear. This is our story alot here lately. Atleast ...

Please Help Me My Cat Is Sick...?

Okay here's the whole story my cat has always been really thin but it wasn't ever a problem, he's a two year old male, I left for camp the week before last and was gone for four days when I got back he had lost a tremendous amount of weight. It was a friday when I got back and we were busy that night and we couldn't go over the weekend so on Monday on ...
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Is There Any Vitek Jaw Patients With Leukemia Symptons?

I used to many years ago.
Had the implant in '84.
Those symptoms cleared up, but there are others.
Auto-immunity, migraines and short term memory...... Vitek Implants were a very bad thing !
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Loosing A Child Advise?

A person who I consider my daughter has just had a great loss that has effected so many people, her 7 year old daughter passed away from acute lymphocytic leukemia two nights ago. I understand not much time has passed but she hasn't slept, she won't eat or drink she stays curled up in bed crying day and night not even her husband can get her to function. She blames herself saying she's a bad ...
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Jamie In "a Walk To Remember"....?

they never specifyed, but probably a chronic kind cos she wasn't in intense treatment, and she was still dying, so either CLL or CML, but probably CLL cos it's less rare for her age group/sex
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Interpreting These Dreams, And Advice?

wow. where to start?

well, my boyfriend and i recently broke up about a week ago. I realized that this was the best thing to do since things haven't been going right for a while: he was irresponsible, unreliable, I guess he cheated on me, and we just weren't on the same level.

I don't want to rant on for forever... But, I did love him. We lost our virginity to ...
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What Would Be An Interesting Cover For My Book?

It should be of a girl with long hair and then like a mirror image of a girl that is bald and the girl who is bald should have a list in her hand (the list of things she wants to do) and the girl with hair should have a cell phone in her hand (to explain a normal life) so it kinda explains on the cover how her life changed from being normal to ...
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My Bf Was Diagnosed With A Tumor And Leukemia ?

Me and my bf have been dating for about 3 months , i cant lie my feeling changed a lot and don't love him anymore for several problems we had . I broke up with him about a week ago so he did the whole crying and begging , im gonna change situation . Anyways we were texting yesterday he told me he had a terrible stomach pain , so he went to the emergency ...
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