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What Are The Chances Of Me Getting Cancer Again?

Most kids with wilms tumor are cured, relapse usually occurs within the first 2 years. A small percentage of patients suffer late side effects, sometimes many years after treatment such as bone growth, infertility (rare) and change in heart/lung performance, there is also a slight risk of developing another type of cancer later in life.
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Can A Person With Prostate Cancer Transmit Any Form Of Cancer To His Mate?

Cancer is not a transmitable/contagious disease.

It is more likely that they were exposed to the same carcinogen (cancer causing substance).

Either that, or plain bad luck!

You haven't mentioned their ages or how long they have been together, but if they are an older couple, age is probably the biggest contributing factor.

One Mother And Father Passed Away From Cancer,is The Son Next?

The mother,liver cancer,the father,2 years later after she died,he has kidney cancer,a few years he passes.Is they r son in danger of getting cancer to?Other 400 cases have been reported.Now either it s something passed from family to family,either nothing is safely to eat or drink.There might me something whit the mother s milk formula,but go ahead,call me crazy,again?
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Will Kidney Cancer Come Back?

*Could* kidney cancer come back? - Yes. As with any cancer, there is always that risk of relapse, usually due to treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Now, *Will* it come back? Not necessarily. As the previous answerer said, no one can predict the future. Many cancer survivors finish their treatment and go on to live healthy lives without their cancer returning, and, unfortunately, many do have their cancer return. The risk of relapse depends ...
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My Mom's Cancer May Have Spread To Her Leg Bone And Liver. What Treatment Options Does She Have?

My mom, a smoker aged 61, had a kidney removed some two years ago because of kidney cancer.
A recent CT scan has shown signs that cancer may have spread to her leg bone and liver.
I am anxious to know what effective treatment options are available.

My Dad Have Cancer Stage 4.....................is There Any Method To Cure?

my father was suffering from kidney tumor .........................so he removed his left kidney from his body ...............but now it spread in other part of body through blood stream...............diagnoses said stage 4 bone cancer ............................can you please help what to do?...................i love my father

Living With Kidney Cancer?

i have had my kidney removed due to cancer and would like to speak to people in the same sitiation as me
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How Treatable Is Kidney Cancer?

My brother has kidney cancer they said it was in clusters how treatable is that type of cancer
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What Happens If Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer?

i just found out that my aunt may have it... she passed out a couple days ago so she got checked the next day... she says shes been in a lotta pain..they told her theres a good chance she may have the kidney cancer. what happens next? will she be ok? any info would be help thank you.
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Kidney Cancer Advice Please?

Well it's not official. Let me tell you the story. I had some back pain so I got an MRI well we found out what was wrong with my back, and also a large white lump on my kidney. (this is on the MRI) I got blood tests, and on March 5th I am going to Duluth (2 hours away) to find out weather there is also arthritis in my back, and to see what ...
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