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How Do I Help My Friend Who Has Just Been Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer?

My friend is 35 and found out yesterday that she has cervical cancer.
She says she threw up most of last night (not because she's sick, it's because she's so upset).
I know that many people can overcome cervical cancer and that this is a cancer that can be treated.
If you have any suggestions on how I can support her, that would be appreciated.

You Experience With Open Adoption?

My husband and I are in the process of choosing our adoption agency/plan. The one agency we really like specializes in open adoptions. Each case is different, but on average they say you meet up with the birth mother 3 times a year, sometimes less, sometimes more.

After speaking to 6 different agencies, they all tell me different things. I am wondering if this is a good way to go forward? (good as ...
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Why Did I Bleed During/after Sex?

I don't "bleed' during intercourse on a normal basis but rather bled the last time I had sex. This is the first time this has ever happened. Without TMI I was in an odd position with something pressing into my lower back pretty hard, I'm not sure if this could have anything to do with it. I'm on birth control pills & I have been sick (just a cold). I am supposed to start my ...
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What Are The Signs Of Having Cervical Cancer?are Genital Warts Harmless For Men?

Most women have no signs or symptoms of cervical cancer. That is why it is SO important for women who are sexually active to get a yearly pap smear. Pap smears are the best thing a woman can do to detect any early signs of abnormal growth on the cervix, which can eventually turn into cervical cancer.

Sometimes vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding or (rarely) a vaginal mass may indicate the presence of malignancy. ...

Can Genital Warts Lead To Cervical Cancer?

I had my pap smear last month with abnormal result but my gyne told me all is ok and nothing to worry about its only yeast infection. She gave me medecine and I took it for 2 weeks and really i feel I am cured. But after one month I went again her gain and she diagnosed that I have genital warts. Is there any possibility that it will lead to cervical cancer? I am ...
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Help Im So Scared And I Need Advice :(?

My boyfriend and i had sex and i took the plan b pill two days ago because i was just scared and i took it just to make sure i didnt end up pregnant and today i had unprotected sex with him and i think he wants me to get pregnant so he told me that he pulled out but im sure hes lying so now i need the plan b more than ever what ...
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Being That Gardasil Is Deadly, What Other Ways Are There To Prevent Hpv?

Monogamy with a STD-free partner or staying abstinent from sex are technically the only ways to prevent STDs, including HPV. Even with the vaccine, you are not protected from (other) various types of HPV and you are not guaranteed to be protected from cervical cancer.

There is nothing wrong with waiting out how this vaccine will work after a few years. It is still too new to earn my trust, especially when it ...

Was What My Mum Did Child Abuse?

My mum punched me in the face growing up, pulled my hair, scratched my arms and face until they where bleeding, punched my nose until I had 15 minute nose bleeds, pulled my hair, kicked me and slapped my face. I would have to go school with bloody scars/scabs on my face a few times. My nose would hurt so much from the 15 minute nose bleeds I couldn't touch it for a week. ...
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Cervical Cancer Worries, Please Help?

On and off over the last few months my period pains have been a bit odd and have started to worry me. I am 20, but mid-cycle I have period-like pains. I have had 'mittle schmertz' pains before on one side of my abdomen but this feels like a very low down period pain, so much so that I've had to check Im not actually on my period. It tends not to last too long. ...
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What Do You Know About Cervical Cancer?

a person really close to me has this and I would like to see what you know about it....i have already done some research myself.
Please anything is useful, and please no sarcastic answers, this is really important to me.
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