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Draft Gelding With Swollen Penis

Hi Dr. Bentz, last July(08) our 22 y/o Belgian draft gelding developed an issue where he could not urinate on his own. He had a lot of sediment and appeared to have an infection so he was put on tocoprim for two weeks and methionine for about two months to help increase his PH and break up the crystals. Since then we have been cathing him twice a day. Although we were trying to figure ...
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Doctors Doing Nothing For My Painful Enchondroma

I am a 22 year old male and I was diagnosed with an enchondroma in my right femur 4 months ago that is very painful(pain has been there for 8 months) and required crutches for 2 months, now I use a cane. I have had 2 MRIs, a CT, a bone scan, and multiple x-rays. One thing that I have been trying to get is a biopsy because of the constant level of pain. My ...
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Bone Cancer

Hi Margot,

My Aunt was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 10 years ago - went thru Chemo %26 radiation %26 had a double mastectomy... and her cancer went into remission. Last May, doctors found a tumor on her sternum... bone cancer - and estimated her lifespan at 2 years. In August, she developed an infection in her lungs, which a doc in a box treated with antibiotics %26 gave her something for the pain. She ...
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Bone Cancer?

Dear Dr.Nordquist,    I consulted an Orthopedist for pain in my left lower leg. The pain seem to originate from the bone and is not very intense. Also there is no pain on my right leg. The pain does not seem to relate to any physical activity. I could feel it more during night. The doctor had written for a Blood Test and  here are the results :

Haemoglobin        14.8 gm%

WBC Total Count ...
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Tumor Of Mandible

Dr. Teig, I have recently been diagnosed with a large tumor of the mandible.  I am scheduled for a biopsy this week and am pretty terrified of the surgical procedure to follow.  I am seeing a maxilofacial surgeon and to quote him, "The tumor is so large, if it were cancer, you would be dead.  "It(the tumor) has completely engulfed the mandible".  I haven't spoke with him since the initial visit and am very concerned ...
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Bone Cancer In Joints

My dwarf rabbit has a swollen hind leg joint and was not walking on it, so I took her to the vet to get it checked out. They took x-rays and the vet says it looks like bone cancer, but we would have to do a biopsy to be sure. The biopsy is pretty expensive and can be inconclusive, and they may not do anything differently as far as treatment goes if we find out ...
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Single Tori On Lower Jaw, Cheek Side

I have one small tori on the lower jaw, on the cheek side(next to last molar). The oral surgeon wants to remove it/biopsy. I'm scared to death he suspects cancer. Then again, I don't want to go through an unnecessary surgery if it likely isn't.(No insurance and scared of needles, etc.)

I've read tori are not precancerous, but I've also read that if they're in an unusual place(as this is) they should be biopsied. ...
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Bumblefoot Vs Bone Cancer

xray  foot2  

I was trying to add anoher image but it wouldn't let me. Heres his xray pic. Yes he limps on it bc it hurts to put pressure on it. Would u recommend anything else along w amoxcillian? Like I said my vet told me it was cancer and most likely spread. Im not sure of this, so I guess ill just try treating it as bumblefoot again.  Im not sure what ...
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Bone Scan Results

Hello Michael,   I have a questions about the results of my 3 phase Bone Scan.

Could please tell me what all this means besides that my hip replacement is loose. My hip replacement bottom is 23 years old and the top was just done over 2 years ago.

Indication:  Hip pain. Right THA.

Comparison: Plain films 1/25/2012

Impression: Loosening of the femoral component of the right THA is suggested. Indeterminant uptake ...
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Bone Graft Failure?

I am having some of the same issues as a post from Wendy and I am afraid that my bone graft on tooth #14 is failing.

I had a second treatment in Jan 2009 on a root canal that was completed in my teenage years. Since the 2nd treatment, I have had severe issues all year. I had a temporary crown placed after the treatment, I had that on for about 2 months(with no ...
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