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Removing Tumor In Jaw Bone

i have a benign tumor in my jaw bone under left molar.

it seems to be causing the tingling i've been feeling in my chin since it's resting on a nerve.

i've had a cat scan and now the oral surgeon wants me to get a bone scan and then meet with a specialist in boston about surgery.

i am totally freaked out and would like to hear any advice/similar stories...
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Bone Cancer Or Severe Bumblefoot

Paige foot


About 6 months ago one of my rats, Paige, was diagnosed with bone cancer. I brought her to the vet because her back foot/ankle was swollen. The vet, who regularly sees rats and has always been reliable, diagnosed her with bone cancer after taking an x-ray. At first she was unsure because it looked like the foot was completely shattered, but after researching it she gave me that diagnosis. Paige ...
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Possible Shadow On X Ray


Last Wednesday I had two teeth extracted.  My dentist said she thought she saw a faint shadow on my x rays from last visit(I'd had a check up the previous week).  She said it could just be plaque build up, and she'd be able to get a better look after my hygiene visit in a couple of weeks.  She'd told me that the top of the tooth looked ok, and she couldn't see ...
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Bone Cancer ... Life Expectancy

My mom was diagnosed with bone cancer. Her pelvic is broken because of it and is starting chemotherapy and radiation in a few days.  She has cancer on both hips and tail bone. Also, after radiation and chemotherapy for lung cancer, the lung tap showed cancer cells.  She is in stage IV.  What is her life expectancy with chemotherapy and radiation or without?
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Lung Cancer Stage Iv To Bone Cancer


I am writing from India, and this is my situation.

My father was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of Lung Stage IIIB in Nov.2005. At that time many doctors gave him a max. of 2 months of survival.

We went to a new oncologist who is very highly respected in all circles(i donot wish to disclose his name).He told us the situation can be 'controlled' but not 'cured' and that my father would ...
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Bone Cancer Remission

If you go into remission with bone cancer, what happens to the tumors already mastised in your bones?  Do they continue to grow, and do they grow slowly?

ANSWER: They may be dead or they may grow VERY slowly. If they grow normally you will not seem to be nor be in remission!

You can also reach me at: http://www.liveperson.com/professional/expert-profile.aspx?gsBMQvSJ0S4K1haAm6AtH

There is no limit to the number of questions there. Please note: ...
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Bone Graft 7 Days Old

I had bone graft done on #30 site 10 days ago on a Thursday. I started brushing my teeth with care, avoiding the bone graft area on Friday night. The stitches partially came out on that Sunday. The stitches completely came out on the following Wednesday, and there seems to be a hole at the site where the bone graft was done. I observe some white build-up, and I can't really tell if they are ...
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Bone Scan Results

Can you explain to me what increased intense hypermetabolic activity would mean?  My husband has prostate cancer and his bone scan reported this.  They recommend further xrays.
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Controlling Pain From Bone Cancer

my brother-in-law has stage 4 prostate cancer metasized to bone.  He is currently under hospice care after 2 years of chemo and hormone therapy.  The end is near.

His pain levels are unbearable.  he's on oxycotin, vicodin and has taken pain suppositories.  Morphine makes him throw up so he won't take it.  

What else can you suggest to manage the pain?  Its horrible to see him in so much pain.  Everything I ...
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Scapular Fracture

My 14 year old son actually got a scapular fracture(body of scapula from lateral border horizontally about half-way, non-displaced). He was playing lacrosse and had just released the ball so his arm was straight out in front of his body when he was(illegally) checked by a player using the pole with his hands apart. The odd thing besides the fracture is that there has been no bruise. He is now 5 days post-injury. He has ...
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