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Is This Bladder Cancer?

-brown discharge after peeing, but not in your pee or underwear

-nausia (only 2 mornings)

-top part of bladder feels pressured

-constipation, but not that bad

-yellow discharge in underwear (not a lot)

im only 15 and i need help. My period is due on the 2nd of february only. I run a lot and im always active.

Is this caner?
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Is It Possible To Get Bladder Cancer From An Infection?

A couple months back I got a bladder infection that lasted for 3 weeks (i didn't have noticeable symptoms except frequency which i thought was just from drinking more water) ever since that I've had serious frequent urination issues.. it comes on randomly & goes away & comes back, this persistent urge to urinate.. My dr sent away my urine for analysis... & I',m trying to get a referral to a uroligist. But i'm really ...
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Bladder Cancer Question?

For goodness sake -

The vast majority of bladder cancers are diagnosed when they are superficial not advanced and more than 90% of those patients have blood in their urine. They do not have symptoms of UTI. MRI bladder scans are not done. Usually they will do a UA and more often than not a cysto is done in the office followed by a TURBT in the hospital to remove the tumor(s). This ...
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Is Bladder Cancer Serious? I Have Heard They Shoot You With Tb For A Cure?

How serious is bladder cancer compared to other cancers?

What Are The Symptoms Of Any Cancer, How Can One Detect It Early.?

Bladder cancer: Blood in the urine, pain or burning upon urination; frequent urination; or cloudy urine

Bone cancer: Pain in the bone or swelling around the affected site; fractures in bones; weakness, fatigue; weight loss; repeated infections; nausea, vomiting, constipation, problems with urination; weakness or numbness in the legs; bumps and bruises that persist

Brain cancer: Dizziness; drowsiness; abnormal eye movements or changes in vision; weakness, loss of feeling in arms ...

My Rabbit Has Red Pee

Hi. I have recently started breeding rabbits since October. I now have almost 2 motnh old baby rabbits and one of them is peeing red pee. We think that maybe it might have a urinary infection but we're not quit sure. Please help us out with this problem! We don't want any more of them to  pass away. It will break my heart... Thank You.


Rabbits' urine varies in color ...
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Blood In Urine

Hi, my question is regarding my husband.  He is a 35yr old healthy man.  For the past few days he has been urinating cloudy and having alittle burning.  He went to the doctor and they tested his urine.  The test in the office showed no signs of white cells but alot of blood.  The blood is not visible to the naked eye.  She told him he did not have a bladder infection because there was ...
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Penis Bleeding

Ok, first off i cant afford a doctor n this site has a Q&A so here i am

Ok this is how this hapen i got da urge to go to the restroom to take a No .2(a shit/feces) but i had a full erection

I tried to unstimulate the erection and while i had the erection i tried taking a shit suddenly the tip of my penis started dripping blood, it was ...
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Urine Test Result

Am 30 year old male.  My RBC is 2-4 HPF in urine R&M test.  All other parameters are normal.   What does it means?
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Bladder Cancer

Is there any treatment of T1G3 grade transitional cell carcinoma in homeopathy. I have undergone TUR-BT twice.Any medicines to stop recurrance or metastasis.
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