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New Born Kittens

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New Born Kittens

Postby Demarco » Sat May 28, 2016 7:18 pm

My nieces found a kitten maybe between 10-14 days old, its eyes are open about half way. Tehy have been feeding it with a bottle and have done the stimulation to get it to Pee but unfortunately it has not pooped yet. What can we do to get it to go?
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New Born Kittens

Postby Hannraoi » Mon May 30, 2016 7:21 am

Hi Mindy,

I am assuming that your nieces are feeding the baby kitten formula, but just in case they're feeding it formula for human babies, have them make the switch. Human formula is too rich in iron, which causes constipation. It also is deficient in fat and protein.

Constipation is common in kittens who have had to switch from natural milk to formula. If the kitten has gone two days or more without a bowel movement, it should see a vet to determine if it will need an enema or a lubricant laxative to help him have a bowel movement. Most of the time, this will help regulate things. Occasionally, bottle fed kittens will have chronic problems with constipation, and the vet can suggest a mild laxative to give a small amount of daily to prevent this, or show your nieces how to give an enema at home if needed.

If it's only been a day or two that the kitten hasn't had a bowel movement, have the girls hold the baby's bottom under a warm running faucet while massaging it with a cotton ball for several minutes. Bowel movements can take a lot more coercion than urination. If the stool is hard but the baby is finally able to pass some of it out, your nieces may need to help him by pulling it out with a paper towel. This should help what's backed up to pass more freely.

If the baby is struggling too much after a few minutes of trying, however, it's best to get him to the vet. He's likely too constipated to go on his own.

Good luck!

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