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Narcissistic Brother Trying To Steal Inheritance?

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Narcissistic Brother Trying To Steal Inheritance?

Postby Howell » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:25 am

My mother has been surviving cancer for 9 years, however doctors have told her it is no longer treatable. Her days are now numbered. A trust was done 18 years ago giving her 3 children equal shares of the estate. While helping her do her tax return this year I was going through some bank statements and saw that she had wrote checks to my older brother for over $ 20,000 in 2011. This concerned me very much and I dug deeper into her financial statement and canceled checks. It turn out that he has received well over $ 200,000 from her in the last 15 years. I have received around $25,000 and my sister around $ 10,000. I brought this to my mothers attention. She wanted to make changes in the trust to remove my brother as power of attorney, trustee, and to make sure the money he had received would be deducted from his share. I took her to my attorney to have the changes made. My brother was informed of this. My mother is currently in a care home, but will be getting out soon. Her mental state is good with the exception of short term memory loss. I had an appointment with the attorney for her to sign the papers at 3 o'clock on monday. I told my brother to attend this meeting and gave him the address and directions. On that day he goes to the care center and checks out my mother and does not return her until 5 o'clock. Speaking to my mother the next day she told me that she is feeling controlled by my brother. He is pressuring the doctors to give her a mental exam so he can deem her incompetent so he can invoke his power of attorney. My attorney and the care center social worker think her mental state is fine. I received a letter from my brother stating that he has reported me to senior protective services and I must not have my mother sign any papers to change the trust. He states that if I ignore this request he will file elder abuse charges. All I am doing is trying to grant my mother her wishes. I am trying to make sure that her estate is divided equally. I did some research on narcissistic personality behavior, My brother fits that profile like a glove. What can be done? HELP!
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Narcissistic Brother Trying To Steal Inheritance?

Postby Paegastun » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:28 am

Honestly dear I would contact the lawyer that you had the appointment set with and explain what your brother is doing also explain that he is trying to blackmail you by filing false charges on you with senior protective services. The attorney has law uses to change the power of attorney without your brothe r being there and told later, he is not doing your mother any service in the current situation. This may end in court, but your mother will know that each has recieved the potions she wanted.

Please talk to your attorne ey and maybe turn the tables and have your brother brought up on eldeabuse charges, as i see it he is abusing your mom mentally by pressuring her to change things to his way.
Tell the lawyer everything you told here and let the lawyer do his thing. Another idea is to set up another appointment for the papers be signed and don't tell your brother till you and your mother are at the lawyer's office, that way he can't do anything about it. You have not done anything for elder abuse to be charged with.

good luck
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Narcissistic Brother Trying To Steal Inheritance?

Postby Weston » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:34 am

Call a counsellor
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