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My Rabbit Has Red Pee

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My Rabbit Has Red Pee

Postby Noell » Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:42 pm

Hi. I have recently started breeding rabbits since October. I now have almost 2 motnh old baby rabbits and one of them is peeing red pee. We think that maybe it might have a urinary infection but we're not quit sure. Please help us out with this problem! We don't want any more of them to  pass away. It will break my heart... Thank You.


Rabbits' urine varies in color from clear to yellow to brown to bright red. This is usually not a cause for alarm unless there are additional signs, such as sitting and straining to urinate, loss of appetite or a temperature. When you see red urine, don't panic; just keep your eyes open for other signs that may indicate a problem. The red color will usually be gone in a day or two but can last for a much longer time. Actual blood in the urine would look like urine with red specks. If you're in doubt, don't risk your bunny's health -- have your vet test for blood in the urine. You can have 20 different rabbits in your barn and feed them all the same things.  One rabbits pee could be a creamy yellow and the others a bright orange.  It is just the different pigmentation factors in each individual animals kidney's.  

If you are truly concerned them please take it in for an exam.

Thank you and good luck with the little one's


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you soo much for answering back to my question! But something tragic has happened last night and one of the babies, Zorro, died last night from direhhea. I read that it's from a pesticide in their intestines and I cried so much last night taking care of Zorro and comforting him. We also had another rabbit do the same thing about a week ago, Tipsy, and now I only have my 1 and only brown rabbit Cha Cha. I just hope it doesn't happen to him because he's my only friend I have left. Plus we can't take them to the vet because of money issues. I know I'll slowly get over it but it hurts to know that you spend ALL that time taking care of them since they were babies and then they pass away from something silly. I really miss them and I'll keep praying to God it just doesn't happen to Cha Cha... :(Thank You. P.S. Zorro was the one with the red pee.  
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My Rabbit Has Red Pee

Postby Jarreth » Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:17 pm

Hi Alex

I am so sorry to hear about your rabbits.  The red urine could very well have been blood but like I stated before if it didn't have any other symptoms or wasn't frank red blood it was probably the pigmentation.

My big concern with Cha Cha is that the other 2 rabbits could have had a contagious disease.  If she is still ok you need to make sure to clean the cage very thoroughly with vanodine or a 1/10 bleach solution.  Anything that the other 2 rabbits came in contact with will need to be cleaned.  Vanodine is safe and the rabbit can be put in there while the vanodine is still in there.  If you use bleach you have to let the cage etc, dry in the sun until it is completely dry.

Another possibility is that you stated they were only 2 months old.  Rabbits aren't supposed to be taken away from their mothers until they are 8 weeks old.  If they were taken away before that they can develop enteritis.  Baby rabbits don't develop the necessary immune system responses in their stomachs until they are 5-6 weeks old and they rely heavily on their mothers immune system by drinking the moms milk.  That is why it is very important to leave them with the mother until they are 8 weeks old.  They very well may be eating on their own and drinking on their own but they still will sneak a drink from the mom here and there until they are 8 weeks old.

I am sorry for the loss of your babies.  You stated you couldn't take them to a vet but as a health care advocate for animals I just feel its important that all animals get a check-up.  If you plan on breeding rabbits you need to have a vet you can work with.  Even one visit to a rabbit savvy vet can help you in the long run.  I don't rush my animals off to see the doctor every time their sick but I have a very good relationship with several veterinarians and as long as I take a few of my animals in a couple times a year they will help me if I need something.  

I hate to lecture but to be a responsible breeder that should really include the ability to afford a vet on occasion.  I am not saying you need to take all of them in to the doctor.  Heck if I took every rabbit I had into the doctor yearly I would be broke.  It is just very important to make the initial investment.  

I hope you understand and again I will pray that little Cha Cha is ok.

Good luck and if you need anything else I will try to help you.

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