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My No Good Mum Has Terminal Cancer?

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My No Good Mum Has Terminal Cancer?

Postby Savino » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:12 am

Here's the back story.

When I was 8 mum starting heating on dad with a hardened criminal. I had a bad feeling about this 'strange man' right from the start. He tried to bribe he and everything but nothing could get me to like him. I didn't know she was cheating with him - I was too young to work that out. Dad found out when I was 9 - I may have mentioned the man to him, I don't remember - but three years of custody disputes over me followed. Custody was granted to mum. All the while she was manipulating me against dad but I was too young to know what she was doing.

Three years passed without much incident. Then the criminal hurt his back in a workplace accident and his true colours came out. My childhood intuition turned out correct - he was abusive, violent and downright evil. I was twelve.

Five years of hell followed. My grades suffered when he was at his worst. I tried to run away. I called the police on m eight times. I begged mum to leave him but she downright refused because she was terrified of being alone.

She knew he was putting me through hell! It was her obligation as my mother to protect me! She didn't! Therefore I was the one who stood up to him all the time and copped it. It wasn't the responsibility of a fourteen year old girl to stand up to a hardened criminal! It was mum's! All the while dad watched helplessly from the sidelines as my mental state deteriorated. I was always trying to rescue her from him. I became a steadfast, selfish survivor. I could only trust me.

Finally, I was seventeen. The penny dropped. I could not rescue her so I had to rescue myself. I got out of there with a backpack full of essentials (school uniform) and managed to slip down the street where Dad picked me up. The criminal tried to stop him but dad drove at him and nearly managed to run him over.

Four years have passed. I'm 21 years old. I have not contacted Mum since. I got the rest of my stuff by police escort.

About eight weeks ago I found out that mum has terminal ovarian cancer. This didn't add up. I had found out two years earli that she had finally grabbed her pets had gotten out of there, away from the criminal and had moved interstate to a town called Sale. Why was she being treated here in Adelaide? Anyway, I investigated without contacting her and apparently it is true - mum has 12 months to live.

What a conundrum? Do I go see her? Don't I? Do I contact her? Don't I? Should I attend her funeral?

Please, opinions! I am inclined to think I won't see her but I want to know what you all think!
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My No Good Mum Has Terminal Cancer?

Postby Valen » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:14 am

Well oviously the courts overlooked what your mom was doing because in the state i live in they dont give custody to a parent, who is in contact with a convict .Your father should have adressed this in court.
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My No Good Mum Has Terminal Cancer?

Postby Beatty » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:15 am

Your mother is total crap. Can't believe that. Wanna know why she has cancer? Damn karma that's why. Why should you care if your mother died, she left you to suffer for all these years. What ever happened to mighty macho man to save her?
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My No Good Mum Has Terminal Cancer?

Postby Percy » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:17 am

If I have been on your footwear, I'd in most cases desire to hold it quiet. But from an external viewpoint, I'd be willing to mention inform her... if she does not uncover out, she might believe relatively harm, and consistently remorse that she not ever had the hazard to kind matters out among them (or she would possibly not, I have no idea). It's no longer relatively reasonable to count on you to hold a mystery like that once it'll necessarily blow up on your face after your mom is long gone (however it is a hindrance wherein equity has a tendency to move out of the window). It's a relatively tough selection, and you've got my deep sympathies. I'm no longer certain there's a method round it... you would take a look at asking your mum why she does no longer desire your sister to understand, and move from there, but when she may not come round, then all you'll do is consider on it and decide upon the direction you believe is correct. I consider telling her is also the one who explanations the least agony, ultimately, however I have no idea your household. Best of success.
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My No Good Mum Has Terminal Cancer?

Postby ardleigh » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:31 am

Go there with your dad and try to make peace with them all so you have a normal family.
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