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My Mom Just Passed Away From Pancreatic Cancer?

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My Mom Just Passed Away From Pancreatic Cancer?

Postby Frang » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:07 pm

My mom passed away from pancreas cancer yesterday morning. I've cried till there's no more tears left. She was suffering and I feel her pain. One side of me didn't want her to go but the other side wanted because she is suffering too much. I'm just 17 and I'm kinda lost . I just need advices . Thank you. Ps: one year ago yesterday the doctor diagnosed her with cancer
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My Mom Just Passed Away From Pancreatic Cancer?

Postby Alleyne » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:14 pm

SWEETHEART>>> Your no longer being gentle in any respect approximately how his reaction has been!!!!!!! i could heavily seem into no be counted in case you will possibly desire to marry this guy or no longer. in my view i could RUN no longer walk away!! i'm SO SORRY for the shortcoming of your mom. And his reaction is a good inclination to how your life would be with him in case you marry him. Your unlikely to have the skill to have a being concerned and gentle guy there for you once you want him. you do no longer want to marry somebody like that. i in my view advise tremendously which you re-evaluate your decision in marrying him. That replaced into no longer astonishing in how he acted. i'm sorry. eliminate him. i comprehend your dealing with a confusing time astonishing now. yet truly you could desire to offload him and bypass locate your self somebody whos greater gentle. because of the fact he sounds truly chilly to me. back i'm VERY SORRY for the shortcoming of your mom.
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My Mom Just Passed Away From Pancreatic Cancer?

Postby Cairbre » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:19 pm

That's really too bad, I'm sorry to hear that. My mom has been living with pancreatic cancer for about a year, and lately she's been going downhill pretty fast. The only thing that's helped me so far is having religious beliefs! Death doesn't seem as bad when you have hopes that you might see them again sometime.

It's definitely hard seeing my mom go through so much pain, and it's not fun being around her when she's constantly drugged up either! Sorry I don't have much good advice, but I can kind of relate to what you've been through. I'll pray for you, and I hope you and your family will be ok!
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My Mom Just Passed Away From Pancreatic Cancer?

Postby Busby » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:20 pm

Omg im so sorry to hear that. I wish i could do something to help. You just have to stay strong. She would want you to be happy. You will meet her again some day in heaven. Just remember she is always with you in your heart and will always be watching over you.
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My Mom Just Passed Away From Pancreatic Cancer?

Postby Hagan » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:23 pm

My mom oassed away 1 yr ago. 7.1, 13. Of pancreatic cancer, I'm still confused
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My Mom Just Passed Away From Pancreatic Cancer?

Postby Kodie » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:26 pm

Profound grief has a way of making us feel all alone: as if no one could know our suffering, or even what it is like to suffer.

The only advice I have is to know that you are not alone; that all people have, or will feel as sad as you feel right now - that ability to feel such sadness connects all humanity, and that is one of things that tells us how much we valued someone: grief is a way of honoring the character of, and attachment to someone - don't try to rush the process.

I am sorry that you have so much grief to bear, but I also know time will eventually make things more bearable.
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My Mom Just Passed Away From Pancreatic Cancer?

Postby adamnan6 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:32 pm

I have nothing much to say but I am so sorry for your loss! I don't really have much experience with this. I'm only 15 years old but if I lost my mother I know I would never get over it. Just stay stronge and may God aid you.
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My Mom Just Passed Away From Pancreatic Cancer?

Postby Barr » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:44 pm

I'm really very very sorry to hear about your mom :( She's in a place with no pain and is being very well cared for..I know how hard it must be but you have to be strong, and think about the good times you spent with each other and you WILL feel better over time. I lost my aunt and grandma a few weeks apart when I was 17, and it took me a long time to feel better and get back to my routines...spend time with people, try not to break your routines and eating habits this way you can fill your days with positive energy. Spirits never die and you both will be together in spirit. You're in my prayers, and I hope you feel better soon.
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