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My Grandmother Has Stage 4 Lung And Colon Cancer, Is It Currable?

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My Grandmother Has Stage 4 Lung And Colon Cancer, Is It Currable?

Postby Warwick » Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:50 pm

Curable... maybe, but not likely.
However, it may be treatable, so she can survive with it for a few to several years with treatment.
Stage IV cancer is typically nasty, and in most cases, the staging means that the cancer has spread beyond the original site.
I am guessing that she only has one of these cancers, but it has spread to the other location.
So she has colon cancer that has spread to he lung or lung cancer that has spread to her colon, but it is possible to have both.

Regardless, it is very serious, and requires aggressive treatment if it is going to be treated.
Another option, and one you may not want to hear, is palliative care.
If after discussing the issue with her doctors, she may come to the decision that the cancer is not treatable, or not likely to be treated.
So she would be subjecting herself to a hellish treatment period, for very little likely result.
Again, only she and her medical team know enough to know if this would be a likely option.
But she might decide not the treat the cancer, let it run its course, and have a slightly more comfortable but slightly shorter life.

In either case, love her, enjoy the time you have with her, and support her decisions and needs.
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