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My Family Hates Me And I Have To Do Everything?

Leukemia and blood cancer discussion.

My Family Hates Me And I Have To Do Everything?

Postby seton » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:17 pm

Ok so here goes when I was 10 years old my mum died suddenly and my dad remarried when I was 12 years old. His wife Annie has Jon 11, Mitch 10 and Erica 8 from different fathers and when they got married we all lived together. They have twins now Ava and Rae who are just 18 months old. I have never gotten on well with Annie she gives me a lot to do, I have to cook over half the meals and clean up after the kids and help her spoiled brats with their homework. My dad has never said anything to her he just tells me that because I am the oldest I have to do more than the others. But her kids have no chores at all. I babysit the twins most nights while they are out and her kids just make more work for me.

I get all A pluses and I am in the 12th grade, I was due to graduate next year. That is why I have to help Annie's kids with their homework which I hate because they are not my siblings and they make life really hard for me. I am still expected to help them before I do my own homework and even though I can do mine really easily its like banging my head off a door when I am helping the kids.

Back in December I was diagnosed with leukemia and have been going through chemo for the past few months. I get no sympathy at home and I still have to do babysitting, cooking and cleaning. They make me go to school even when I am sick I still have to go in. My teacher are great and I am allowed to stay in the library all day if I am in a bad way.

I will be sixteen in a couple of weeks and when I try to talk to my dad he just says that just because I am sick does not mean I get out of chores. I hate my step-mum and her kids they make me wish the chemo would not work sometimes. I won't get to graduate when we thought I would because I have not gotten any better yet. I'm not scared of dying I believe when we die that is it and I am not religious and I do not believe in God so please don't tell me to pray. My oncologist is looking at my treatment plan at the minute adjustments have to be made. I go to the appointments on my own or a friend will skip school to go with me. I have been in hospital a handful of times.

I have no other family that I know of. I only care about my sisters not about my dad anymore he does not care about me. I have great friends who help me out when I am sick and they help with chores when Annie's kids wont help at all and Annie or dad wont make them. My friends are a really big help but they are not allowed to sleep over and it is not fair on their parents to have me over because I am so sick. Please give me advice.

Should I still have to do chores when I battle cancer?

When Should I get to stay home and for how long?

Do you think I should continue with my treatment?

What would you do in my situation?

Any advice from cancer patients?

Should I love Annie's kids?
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My Family Hates Me And I Have To Do Everything?

Postby Corday » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:23 pm

wow, you seriously need to tell someone about this. maybe someone at the hospital or doctor's office. this could be child abuse/negligence. not to belittle you, but YOU'RE FREAKIN SICK! This should entitle you to get out of a few chores. Your body needs to rest, and if you don't you can wear yourself out and die. You seriously need to get professional help and maybe even removed from your home!
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My Family Hates Me And I Have To Do Everything?

Postby dubhgan » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:25 pm

I want to cry right now I left unloved by my family too an too the point I tried killing myself but now that I'm older I realize that I shouldn't hurt myself because my parents are asshole who don't give two ***** about me( sorry) honestly you need to tell somone like your doctor about how they won't let your rest and male you do things when your not feeling well and I'm almost positive that your doctors tell you to take it easy an get rest after having chemo. I personaly would not make my child do chorse if they were in your situation. But you do need to tell somone like you doctor or a guidence counceler at school, or if your realy feel like your not treated right I would call cps(child protective services) tell them your situation an tell them that you have cancer an is forced to do things when your not feeling well. If it was me I would call but its your choice good luck an be strong not for no one else but for you!
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