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My facial structure feels weird? Like my jaw bone is out of place.?

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My facial structure feels weird? Like my jaw bone is out of place.?

Postby fridgeir » Thu Sep 22, 2011 4:03 pm

I'm a big hypochondriac so bear with me.

For the past few weeks, my face/skull in the upper left part of my forehead has felt weird. It's like one of the bones got bent out of place. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the bones, since it got distinctively worse when I chewed gum, and has gotten significantly better since I stopped chewing gum about a week ago (but the weirdness is still there) The intensity of the annoyance varies from near-invisibility to constant irritation. At the worst I've felt dizzy during one of the bad periods of it, and the area felt watery and cold during, which freaked me out (the feeling of blood like leaking from your brain and skull is NOT enjoyable), but who knows how much of this was just me freaking out.

I feel like this is just an effect of the heavy jaw-use of gum chewing (relatively) soon after getting my braces off. But it's hard to google this kind of thing, so I'd like to make sure this isn't a symptom of strokes or brain cancer or something. I'm just getting worried because while the irritation has improved since I stopped chewing gum, it's still there.

So, is there anything I can do to remedy this?


Extra details: I'm 16, and haven't had my wisdom teeth out yet, could that be a cause? I have had my braces off for 2 years now, and the irritation generally gets better when I wear my retainer, and in the morning when I only had my retainer out for a little bit.
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My facial structure feels weird? Like my jaw bone is out of place.?

Postby colston » Thu Sep 22, 2011 4:04 pm

Wisdom teeth which are impacted will put pressure along the jawbone and could forcibly displace other teeth. You could also be having a sore jaw from excessive chewing. Please remember that the inter-cranial area is composed of bones, cartilage, tendon and muscles which all effect what you are talking about. Over use or growing pains could both cause the issue you are complaining about.

When the braces are removed your teeth will try to slide back which is why a "retainer" is required in the first place. It gives your jaw time to heal in the correct position. Do not stop using it if you want to keep your teeth at there best.
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