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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

Postby jago51 » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:01 pm

I'm 14 and I've had Lobo (my Akita) for 11 years now. Today I found out that he has cancer. My parents took him to the vet because he wasn't eating or anything and he was having a hard time walking. They gave him an IV because he was EXTREMELY dehydrated. They said to bring him back the next day because they also said that there could be something wrong with his liver and he could die. So they took him to an animal hospital where they took sonograms and x-rays to see what the problem is. He has a tumor near his spleen and it has spread very quickly. It now has taken over his spleen most of his liver, and i think it's following up on his lungs and heart. The vet said that he wasn't in any pain though, so we took him home. My parents want nature to take it's course and keep him here with us until he passes. They also said that if he becomes in pain where it's hurting him, that they will put him down. I can't stand to see him in pain. He can barely walk and he's having trouble getting outside to go to the bathroom. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I feel like it's my fault. I can't do anything to help him. How do I cope? Should we just put him down in a few days even if he's not in a lot of pain?
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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

Postby sweeney » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:03 pm

im 13 and well this is not easy but i think maybe if the vet can some how hydrate him without the use of the mouth he will live a little longer but im sorry but hes probably not gonna make it but its not your fault remember that you can find me on kik if you wanna talk my username is loldude454 or you can always call 860 924 2146
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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

Postby winfrith49 » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:09 pm

Im SO sorry- realy, not like somethimes i say sorry but really. they say to getta a puppy to devert so love and attention. so if one dies you dont completly loose it. (kinda like dont put all ur marbles in one bag)

i have had 1 dog in my life, he is still alive ive had him for almost 7 years. if he was to die i probably would have killed myself by now... so your handleing it better than me.
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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

Postby caimheul » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:16 pm

I feel really sorry for you, I have had quite a few pets and my mum had a dog named lobo when she was little that had to be put down. If it was me I would stay with him as much as possible just gently patting him so he knows that you are still there because everyone always feels more comfortable if someone they love is around them. If you start to notice that he is in pain ask your parents to either get some pain killers for him or to have him put down. But either way don't leave him and maybe even ask a close friend to stay with you through it because it would be easier for both you and lobo. I hope that I helped you and I wish both you and lobo and your family all the best.
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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

Postby camshron94 » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:26 pm

Quality of life is everything, i know it's hard but the kindest thing would be to have him put to sleep if the diagnosis is accurate. It is NOT your fault, nobodies to blame for what happens in nature, you are very young to have this to deal with but unfortunately it's life. You will be very sad and it's only right to be so but in time you'll just remember the good times. All dogs have just one fault-----they don't live for ever. Please ask your parents not to wait for him to suffer.
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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

Postby isham » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:35 pm

oh i am so so sorry to here your story,it broke my heart and brang tears to my eyes... my moms dog had cancer and it spread fast too they put there dog down.. i would rather put mine down,so i wouldnt have to see him/she suffer..but others want to do it naturally witch is understandable... if he is in no pain then i understand them wantting to keeep him around longer...once again i am so sorry...=(
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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

Postby chevell » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:46 pm

Im sorry to hear that. I lost my dog in December of last year. It really sucks. But you cant loom over his illness. Trust me, enjoy your time together. Make sure he knows that he's loved. Spend every moment you can with him. And dont let him suffer. Good luck. And remember, he'll always be in your heart.
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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

Postby giovany » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:48 pm

I've gone through this with five pets now, and it never gets any easier. One was with me for 20 years, that was, at the time, 3/4ths of my life. I lost two others that reached age 19 and age 17 to cancer as well.

Be there when they give the injection. Bring a LOT of kleenex. Say goodbye to him. Do not make the dog wait in agony to die, the vet should do it - it's a lot smoother and peaceful and pain free for them. They give a sedative to the dog, then an overdose of anesthetic and the dog lays his head down peacefully and stops breathing. It's far better for them than being in pain till they die from shock. Ask your parents to make the appointment, go with them, be there holding his head when they do it. You'll feel a lot better about it later if you do it this way. I always regretted not being there when they did my first pet, but that was back before they allowed the owners to be present.
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My dog has cancer. Please help me cope. PLEASE ANSWER! IM BEGGING YOU!?

Postby che » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:54 pm

Your parents have done a great job with your dog so far. First of all, he's lived to be eleven, which is a good, old age for an Akita. They've obviously treated him very well all these years. I'm sure that you've played with him, fed him, and helped take care of him, too. They did a good thing having the ultrasound done, and now they know exactly what is wrong with him. And y'all know now that you can't fix this, but can help him as long as possible.

A dog that is in pain will usually not want to eat anything -- and dogs with liver problems are nauseated and don't want to eat. You could try warming up some canned food and hand feeding him. Sometimes sick dogs would like that. To help him get around, you can sling a long towel underneath his lower belly to help him up and outside. Once out on the ground, he will probably do okay to walk around. Stairs would not be good for him now.

You can help by lying on the floor next to him and petting him and talking to him. Bring his water to him so he won't have to get up and down.

Your vet does have pain medicines like tramadol that he can gvie your dog. I'm sure it your parents call, they'll let you just pick up the medicine. They also have anti-nausea shots, such as cerenia that will help with stomach upset.

Sometimes when a dog is so tired and sick and weak, we believe that it's the final act of kindness to stop the suffering. You should talk about all this with your parents. They sound like some pretty awesome pet owners to me.

Your dog will let you know when he is too tired to go on. Your vet can also help a lot. Our vets won't tell people when to put their dog to sleep, but they will say something like "I wouldn't argue with you if that is your decision" when they bring it up. A good vet won't put a dog down unless he has to in order to stop suffering.

As far as the actual procedure goes, ask to have your dog sedated first. We give a quick shot in the hip that allows pets to fall peacefully asleep. It's the same med we use for surgery, and it's called telazol. Within 5 minutes, the dog has fallen asleep in his owner's arms. We later give a second injection that actuallly stops the heart. I have had to help with this many times, and while it's extremely sad, the dogs are peaceful in the end, right where they want to be -- in their owner's arms. We will go to the house to put a dog to sleep so it doesn't have to walk into the vet's office.

I honestly believe that whatever your parents decide will be the very best thing for your friend. They've proven that to me, because they were willing to go the extra mile with fluids and tests. It will be a very sad time for all of you, but try to focus on all the good memories, and soon you'll find them replacing the sadness. See if you can make a paw print (you can get the clay at a store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby) and find a really nice photograph of him in better times. You can frame the paw print and also have a canvas or enlargement of your friend's photo for your wall.

I have lost two dogs to cancer, and it is just awful. I do understand.

Take good care,
vet tech
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